Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim: As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 132 mins

Genres: Action Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy
Actors: Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Idris Elba, Timothy Gibbs

  • Currently 8.00/10
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Pacific Rim (2013) Comments

Posted by iamsaitam

This is a really, really bad movie. Cliché, after cliché, after cliché... After 15 mins, couldn't bother more.

Posted by RobertsT16

Movie was good. It was a lot better than I had expected. Predictable at some parts, but most movies are so I won't knock it for that. The only part I had a problem with was when they pulled out the sword as if they couldnt have used it during the whole movie. Overall, it was a great flick and I enjoyed it. 9/10

Posted by raadden

When i was a kid i played with transformers in the bathtub, and now they made a movie about it.

Posted by kled

i think i really loved this movie, not because of the acting, plot or the cgi. but because mecha genre movies in mainstream hollywood is really rare, and once in a while u need a change especially for the viewers. that being said, acting was reasonable though the relationship between the characters was a bit confusing. plot was acceptable but felt hollow and overextended at times,maybe gimmicky. cgi was really amazing , i mean the destruction scenes and the imagery were really on par, and thought the robots looked more genuine than transformers. 7.0/10 .

Posted by murlibharadwaj

Really its a superb movie and good graphics

Posted by murlibharadwaj

very nice movie with good graphics

Posted by msteeq

I liked this movie. Kinda reminds me of the anime gundam wing with those machines they were in.

Posted by Necroclysm

Not a bad movie. However I didn't think it was all that great either. It was more or less a staple story line used an excuse for what was actually going on nothing great or innovative, just a starting point for what was great action and eye candy, however I thought this movie was just OKAY. Check it out yourself definitely not a waste of time but the movie lacked an real substance in my opinion. 6.5/10

Posted by Eastbank

i never log in, i did it just to make this comment, i usually don't consider it worth it anybody's time to read what i think but I'll make an exception. Watching this movie was painful, it feels like watching a videogame but even the worst videogames don't have such crappy plots, every single word that came out out of every actor was just, i dunno, so blatant and empty and irritating... thanks for destroying the mecha genre

Posted by Ripple

What a waste of, all that was going through my mind was i prefer him in Sons of Anarchy..

Posted by Da_Slash7

worst CGI ever! -0/-10

Posted by Katerina123123

8/10 SEE IT IN THE THEATER IT IS WORTH IT Top notch special effects, dazzlingly designed robots and monsters (hey, it's Del Toro we're talking about here, interesting characters and superb performances by cast finally not composed entirely of A-listers. Also, thumbs up for a kick-ass female lead with character history and development of a regular person and not a pretty, potted plant.

Posted by Da_Slash7

CGI look like shit...awful!...Ultraman 80 better than this..

Posted by lfwilson

Straight up eye candy for us special effects fanatics! Pacific Rim II

Posted by zbossman

Better than i expected

Posted by Mansuka31

"GYPSY DANGER"?!? a better name for the Charlie Hunnam's Jaeger would have been "GYPSY BRAWLER!", otherwise a good film I intend to show my 7yr old nephew.

Posted by TheLoneWolf

Wanted to like it but in the end was only mildly entertained.

Posted by gothlite

Two words: Remote control. If they have all that pseudo-steam punk technology, you'd think they could figure out how to operate the transformers remotely and not put the pilots in danger. Bur, of course, had they thought of that, we'd have no movie, would we? I did like the chalkboard in the lab, however. I love del Toro and there was a fantastic bit where he did what he does best, which is put kids in peril - the little Oriental girl was fantastic. Much appreciated was the nod to Gojira; it was refreshing that CGI was not overdone and that you couldn't see the zippers on the guys wearing the monster suits. The movie was too long, however. More time should have been spent in the beginning with back story actually filmed rather than just narrated, less time with the nutso scientist's theory. Unfortunately, no real spark between the two main characters. Really, did she have to be such a pushover for the guy, gazing at him through a peephole? In all, a good action movie but little else.

Posted by lenelmaseasko123

For fuck's sake can someone upload an HD version

Posted by vRebornSoldierv

people, start posting a dvd quality

Posted by siriusb


Posted by kylo

I haven't watched this sober yet, but man I enjoyed the hell out of it drunk. The imagery and themes were so out there and fantastical. Originally you see the byline 'Giant robots versus giant monsters' and think, 'what the actual crap?' but it worked so well. It was funny, but gripping emotionally. I was really captured by the whole story.

Posted by Subrectre

This movie wasnt a rip off of evangelion, it was a rip off of beastie boys - intergalactic music video

Posted by Sob365

Epic Movie!

Posted by Younglad28

Thank you (MDMTGC). I was about to respond to (infatalx) as well. Everything inspires something. If it didn't, then nothing would be created. Anyways, this movie was Awesome from start to finish. This would go down as any 3d Artist's wet dream. The feel, intensity, and the directions were dead on. Gotta love that CG...

Posted by babygyrl486

Great movie! I love the action, especially the end. 10/10

Posted by ryanclark3dd

i saw it in imax 3d its good but not great

Posted by Bladeboy05

Saw this in theaters it was good, only down side was the relationship between Mako and the man char, It felt forced and odd.

Posted by tomkos1234x

Watch this movie there, no buffering, HD! :

Posted by tomkos1234x

Watch this movie there, no buffering, HD! : streamvid. tv/osTj4TMt (no space)

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