Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim: When giant lizard like creatures come out of the ocean and attack every city killing millions. All the nations come together and build giant robots called Jaegers. They are piloted by two individuals who are linked up to them mentally. While they are able to defeat the creatures whom they call Kaijus, eventually they adapt and even the Jaegers can't stop them. So all the heads of the nations decide to stop the program and to try other tactics. But Pentecost the man in charge of the Jaeger program decide to continue the program. He recruits Raleigh Becket a former Jaeger pilot who left after his co-pilot who's also his brother died. He tries to find a compatible co-pilot and when he finds...

Released: July 12, 2013
Runtime: 132 mins

Genres: Action Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy
Actors: Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Idris Elba, Timothy Gibbs

  • Currently 7.00/10
(317147 votes)

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Pacific Rim (2013) Comments

Posted by 2131kevin

well,where is it?

Posted by Denim

Can't wait for this movie! Hope it is going to be good.

Posted by NADAJIB


Posted by armz73

not in english :((((

Posted by rayz0101

well the movie was decent ( saw it in theaters). Nothing groundbreaking just a summer action flick with decent comedic parts. Unfortunately its not uploaded in english

Posted by Doss

jully 13,Movie is in russian,gonna wait few days for english.And i wonder why american movie always come out in russian first,do american try to buy russian peace this way?!?!?!?!

Posted by Whatajoke

Pacific Rim in russian...dont think so... sigh

Posted by Sturz

The audio is in Russian :(

Posted by manjunathre4

This video is in russian ! :(

Posted by KimchiNinja

i would recommend you watch this at your nearest imax cinema, some of the best effects i have ever seen

Posted by the_king1

Saw this movie theater yesterday. One of the best movies to come out this summer am definitely going back to see it again monday. I give it five stars. I didn't think much of the previews.but went to see it and was amazed by the acting and graphics. A most see

Posted by japperon

i could of sworn this movie was already on here, even watched it before i saw a trailer. cant find it again but id watch it in the hopes this one if better acted as the one i saw looked like a medium budget sci-fi flick, spotted alot of flaws and goofs in it mostly scene continuity goofs

Posted by wzodisho

The audio sound like "Alvin and The Chipmunks" very..very bad, and the video is out of focus most of the time it gives me a headache. I will go to the theater next week to see it.

Posted by komar

This movie is shit as boring ain't worth to see it in theater, but thank uploader.

Posted by midnightryder

Well, time to learn the old Russki!

Posted by runner45212

Are all of these in Russian?

Posted by Lord_Bob

AAAaaaaaaalviiiiiiiinnnnnnnn sounds more to me like it's in chipmonk LOL

Posted by Tomieh

I saw it in the theater, and man was it intense! Definitely worth going to the theaters for this one!

Posted by Blake763

Saw this in theaters tonight. If you want to pay for a summer movie, this is the one to do it. This is one of those movies that you just have to see on a big screen. If that's not your thing though, at least wait for a good quality to watch, it's worth the wait.

Posted by rocksolidjo

[Recent mirrors uploaded are English audio with Italian subtitles whenever someone speaks Japanese] Overall Camrip Ranks - Fair warning, the guy's cellphone vibrates 2-3 minutes before the end. A-9 V-9 Personal note: I loved the movie and that seems to be the case for all mecha/kaiju fans so if you are one, this is for you. Can't say I can speak for everyone else but if I had to, it's cheesy in the right spots but it knows what it is and that's not mass audience appeal. Thanks Guillermo Del Toro, you definitely delivered, here's to hoping for a director's cut.


It's in English now and is okay quality, and i enjoyed this film, kinds reminded me of Godzilla and transformers put into one film. Also it took me about an hour to realize that the main character is pete form green street, looks so different.

Posted by Brannont420

This movies is hands down a great movie, but other comments complaining about this title being in Russian but version 4 is in English and it was a decent copy.

Posted by SamcroSon

Superb action movie, kicks the crap out of Man Of Steel

Posted by zbossman

hollywood making a mecha movie. i hope it turns out well

Posted by arson1999

its in english now, not the best copy, sound is bad but still watchable and a great scifi flick. any one remember robotjox? kinda like that. have fun. 5/5

Posted by RyuzakiLawliet

I saw this in theaters a couple days ago and I had high hopes for it... Unfortunately, The plot was rushed and there were a few flaws here in there. But the concept was REALLY cool and the special effects were amazing. 3/5

Posted by jfarroyo12

i hope is good

Posted by infatalx

This is like a ripoff of evangelion

Posted by numbnuts version23 is in english.

Posted by asreal

this was a load of junk in my opinion, if there is another one of these flicks due out in the future maybe they will have a better layout plan, this just didn't cut it with me:D+.

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