Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: In this retelling of Rick Riordans book, "The Sea of Monsters", Percy Jackson, accompanied by his friends Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue and Tyson, his half brother, goes on a journey to the Sea of Monsters to retrieve the Golden Fleece and save Camp Half-Blood.

Released: August 07, 2013
Runtime: 106 mins

Genres: Action Adventure Drama Family Fantasy
Actors: Logan Lerman, Sean Bean, Ron Perlman, Nathan Fillion

  • Currently 6.40/10
(17910 votes)

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) Comments

Posted by Mr_Fennell14

I Mean It Was Alrite I Jus Wish There Was More Added...*Yahh'Know;)

Posted by TripWire

I watched this b/c the first movie was ok and sea of monsters was my favorite book. I regretted watching it. Not only was it a complete disappoint compared to the book, but it was a terrible movie altogether. Only a few parts of the book were included in the movie and the rest was made up. For example (spoiler if you never read the books --->) Cronos was released for about 20 seconds. 3 hits and he was dead, no help from the gods, no invasion of mt. olympus, no army, just slashes from percy and he's dead. Other important parts to other books, particularly the first arising conflict part are symbolically portrayed in the short fight scene at the end of the movie, and are casually killed off. This leads me to believe this was the last movie. The reason they failed at this movie is because it targeted no audience. Had they kept true to the book, and had cast actors that were the same ages as the characters in the book like harry potter did, they would have had a much larger audience. No one cares about the movie if it doesn't follow the book either, the majority of people that see a movie based off of a book, especially for a book like this, are people that expect the movie to follow the book. The more askew from the book, the more distain the movie viewer will be.

Posted by TripWire

they probably added scenes from other movies because they know they will not make another movie b/c it's costing more than it's worth.

Posted by fosbinder40

I'll give it a so-so 6/10.

Posted by DrWho

how long does it take to fricken buff. this is BS

Posted by collins84

oh come on

Posted by pablosena

REALLY! oh come on man

Posted by kled

im a tad bit dissapointed, the first part is one of my most favorite ever which id rate 8.5/10, and the second was a step downwards, first, the bosses were so weak, the scorpion bear and chronos were much weaker than luke in the first part, in the first part the plot were more intuitive and there was a connection between anabeth and percy, in this part they seemed like siblings. there was nil contact with half bloods and their parents, the cast has been reduced and star power diminished. i think this movie was a suicide mission to end the franchise just like xxx, would have really loved if there were 5 parts at least judging by the amount of books, rate- 6.5/10, love the primary cast, not their fault and visual effects in most areas were on par , hated the animated chronos, should have taken some lesson from wrath of titans, another similar but realistic ancient setting. again i rate percy jackson 6.5/10.

Posted by ItsEasyMkay

the boss went out waaaay to easily! i mean it's fucking chronos for god's sake but he went out like a bitch. wasn't even a titan, more like a giant.

Posted by maudvdwinkel

when can i watch the movie in high Quality??

Posted by princexhermes

Why is this not here yet?

Posted by XxnhatieXx


Posted by Zachpenny

Im sorry, but the acting was terrible, the dialogue was awful, and it was too predictable. Don't watch it. 0/5

Posted by DTKiller24

Great quality for a FREE movie

Posted by YayCutiePants


Posted by codman1004

seems choppy

Posted by 420doe

Not that bad actually.

Posted by razzor2

i have to say i liked the first movie a lot more but it is still a great movie 8/10

Posted by Moviefun5

Why can't I watch the movie?

Posted by 32Bit

Very disappointing. They brought in actions from book fucking 5. I actually left the movie theater towards the end out of disappointment. a 5/10 from me. 6/10 at max due to some good animation and acting.

Posted by curvylady84

yeah like im gonna give you bank details

Posted by lady3lli3

i liked the movie till i decide to read the books and i must say that by deviating the story in this way is a crime and waste of money. how can they butcher such a great story line is beyond me. If you read the books don't bother watching this its crap. If you haven't read the books then you'll probably will enjoy the film. up to you

Posted by mrspepperpot

fuck off VODLY

Posted by TvObsessed

Great movie But I didnt like the copy of it, The movie is Great 10/10

Posted by nikeh

this movies is awesome i watced it aat the theater and the bulll part is win percy try to kill butt he cant use water dragons

Posted by nader1983

would realy like to see this :(

Posted by XxnhatieXx

omg, why cant we watch it. i already have an account and i still cant watch Just add something simple

Posted by Glekke

i can't wait to wach it

Posted by miser2

Audio sounds from a tin can and barely comprehensible. Will wait for a better upload. Thanks to the uploader though.... Maybe a cam with better mic? :)

Posted by blossem685011

oh come on all the good movies r released in august even city of bones:mortal insturments

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