12 Years a Slave: 1841. Black man Solomon Northup lives as a free man in Saratoga, New York with his wife and two children, he earning a living as a violinist. On what he believes will be an out of town music gig, he is instead drugged and sold into slavery in the deep south under the name Platt as that is for who the slave trader has papers. Initially incredulous to his plight, he decides that cooperation is the best way to survive. He sees few others in the same situation as him, but slowly he is separated from those with who he has built support. This process continues over his life as a slave, as he is at the mercy of whoever his master at the time and his master's associates who work on their own...

Released: August 30, 2013
Runtime: 134 mins

Genres: Drama History Biography
Actors: Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Sarah Paulson, Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Currently 8.40/10
(92057 votes)

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12 Years a Slave (2013) Comments

Posted by holothewisewolf

So much stupidity on here. 1 The south had slavery the north didn't.

Posted by JosefA0103

I get it, I'm really sorry....now move the fuck on and evolve.

Posted by 1228x09

Slavery still exists... much of it by black people toward other black people, I've even got a few friends who managed to escape. Remember and respect the past, and try to do something about the present. I think it's a shame no recompense was ever repaid, and sadly those persons are dead and gone now. But we can do something about the present. Not here to write a novel though, so that's all I will say.

Posted by DogMan

British white people are descended from slaves and recieved far worse cruelty. Imagine the suffering and horror inflicted by the Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans. Just imagine the terror and brutality inflicted on our poor ancestors. Yes we are all related to slaery in some form. Not only black people ....

Posted by capthatskank

good movie. some surprise actors show up i had never even heard about them being in this. it blows my mind to think all this happened not very long ago.. it took us until the 1900's to get morals? not very flattering for a comment. i never understood why they didnt just rise up against plantations, they had the numbers and nothing to lose. i dont understand the logic of jus accepting it and giving up.. at least if u try u have a chance, no matter how small.

Posted by 1228x09

Also, if you really don't know all this about slavery (it should have been basic education for you) I urge you to read some books and fill in these massive, obvious gaps. Don't accuse others of looking foolish when you are not operating with all of the facts at your disposal. It makes you look... well, you know.

Posted by cellmass

First off what do you mean "Us feel the pain again"? You never once felt what they felt. Yes you may be of the same race but you never once felt what it was to live like that. The fact that you even compare yourself and feelings to the feelings they have makes me sick. Yes its obviously sad and upsetting to anyone who watches this for the fact that ANY HUMAN could treat ANOTHER HUMAN this way (not one race treating another race) is disgraceful. The statement "my people" everyone is everyone's person these days not one particular groups. It is people like you Hokkaidowolf that make it so other's still feel the effects today DerekD. You really want to know whats upsetting, I spoke to a man the other day who was speaking to me about a website he was apart of, this certain website was for men who were in I.T, and when I had asked him about joining he said I couldnt because it was a black only forum. Now from my point of view things of this nature are no worse then hate groups or mexican only forums or anything that separates man from one another. This is the true reason why we cannot come together and rebuild into one. Everyone is to busy creating race specific activities and discussions. So until that day ends we will never be united and the past will never be the past. Also I know what I have stepped into by making this comment and honestly I dont give a DAMN, I am tired of hearing about all this race bullshit and people today putting their feelings side by side with those who lived in the past. Maybe you should take all this energy and hatred and passion and put it towards something you can actually make a difference in not something on the past. For example KONY a current issue in Africa also as you state "my people" why not get heated and as angry at that as you are as what happened years ago. Why does that not bother you? Oh thats right because that would require you to do something other then sit on your ass all day and complain about what happened in the past just to feel like your apart of something. Thats much easier isnt it? But it doesnt do any good if anything it makes things worse. You could put your feelings and drive into a current world problem but nah your to busy for that right? Well anyway I had to post this because I am damn tired of everyone and all this race stuff that happened in the past when we have current issues we need to be working on.

Posted by princewmk

I tried but I couldn't get away from the pain I feel watching this movie. specially based on true events. Nahh some races were just naturally bad. I can't imagine how hard it was for my ppl in them times....I can't even start to imagine

Posted by optimusomega

very emotional

Posted by randypagan

There is NO conspiracy to make people feel guilty. But do you know what there is an actual PROVABLE thing that is being done by the right-wing of the US? To diminish how screwed up slavery really was.How horrible it must have been for black people in this country for hundreds of years and how when they were released and freed,whites treated them like criminals and animals for more than 100 years after they were freed. Yet they werent vengefull.They just wanted a chance.

Posted by blaquesnake

There is not a race of people on Earth that does not have history full of atrocities. I have a dream that one day we will stop living in the past, stop uses past atrocities as an excuse for not being the best you can be. Its funny how the ignorant will accuse a group of people who want government to be responsible a bunch of racist while they will blindly vote Democrat even for a Senator that was a grand wizard of the KKK in West Virginia. Then again the way history books are written nowadays they probably don't know it was Republican that freed our ancestors from slavery. It was Republicans who passed the Civil Rights act (Eisenhower wold have done it if not for then Senator Lyndon B Johnson).

Posted by KevinBoyle

Can yall people shut the hell up and watch a movie and eat some popcorn.If not then kick rocks.

Posted by Allen70

hard to watch but it's a must watch don't watch with kids around it's very graphicall

Posted by Rikkid

Great movie and great acting. What makes it even greater that it is based on true events.

Posted by 1228x09

Not that I really care whether or not the faceless MPA2000 thinks I look foolish, but it's intensely amusing that you fail to point out why. If you're going to make a comment, try to apply some logic, reason and understanding to it. Don't simply add to the already mindless banter on this site. Thanks.

Posted by Jamcity

Heard this movie is very good and very sad. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it yet.

Posted by kenbeast123

the film is amazing in every aspect, his hatred and thirst for revenge never succeded. the present, future and past has one thing in common and that is slavery was never completely erased. it is better to remember the past rather than forgetting it, and then going on the same footsteps as our ancestors. change is a choice not something compulsory. i would give this movie 10/10.

Posted by TCB58

A Fantastic Movie 10/10, can make one Hard to Swallow, if you know what I mean.

Posted by Yowser

Click on Version 2 - Putlocker. Choose free option. Watch Movie. Simples.

Posted by africansun

moderator - why are you manipulating what comments viewers of this film see first - mine was the most recent comment and yet you have buried it - allowing cellmass to remain the first view to be read. Nothing in life is free - LetMeWatchForFree/vodly

Posted by dominusluna

Zimmerman was acquitted in a court of law. If the roles were reversed, it wouldn't have been such a big deal. O.J. killed a couple of white people and got off with a sham of a trial and I saw no such outrage. Zimmerman had his day in court and was acquitted as I said. No black person alive felt the actual pain of their ancestors it just follows them and they won't let it rest by choosing hatemongers as their political leaders. Many Jews alive today were alive during the Holocaust and they still know and feel the real pain of themselves and their ancestors. There is nothing wrong with remembering where you came from a couple hundred years ago but it is not a good reason to blame all the failures in your life on something so long ago. The Indians got the shaft and others too. Not only blacks have had to suffer. There is still slavery today around the world that I don't see a black so-called president dealing with. Hypocrisy? I feel bad for everyone that ever had to suffer in such horrific ways. Remember history and do good to honor their memories not as an excuse to harm or be bigoted towards others. Life is what we make it.

Posted by playerofnox

I liked romper stomper better

Posted by popa1983

This movie is sugar coated and some parts of the movie was added in to send subliminal messages to the black masses there is a free download on Google books way more informative than this crappy movie good acting but the movies did not stick to the narrative. And to the comments below that is accusing blacks of blaming slavery for the source of our problems in North America can go kill yourself. You know good and damn well White America practice systematic racism against the Black American population and do not screw with any other group of people that immigrate to North America but blacks. You punks always deflecting from this truth by bringing up slavery knowing full damn well that is not the true issue Black Americans have with whites both the right and the left of the White American population participate in the systematic racism against blacks in 1. the racially biased media propaganda campaign ( the knock out game myth and other crap)Tariq Nasheed debunked that 2. racially biased economics 3. racially biased political local and state laws 4. miseducation( Google Umar Johnson lectures for more details on this subject 5.police brutality and street executions and the cops walk away with it or get little to no time for the killing. Just like slavery in North America was Systematic so is racism of today whether whites owned slaves or not the majority of the population then and today practice SYSTEMATIC RACISM AGAINST BLACK AMERICANS stop participating and speak up against this barbarism and both are people can have better race relations and co exist more peacefully. So let,s Stop playing games here.

Posted by Jackrabbit

Good flic.Suppose it`s close enough. Glad i don`t live in the states even now.So much bad karma there...from all races. ps; i read somewhere that native africans sold other native africans to the whiteguys of that era?

Posted by slovells4

movie want show it going to site for a charge file net etc.

Posted by Usfguy

I was thinking of watching this movie, so I checked the comments section first. This racial banter is so dis-amusing and diheartening that I decided to forgo the film. First of all, the term "my people" inherently segregates you from the rest of society. You have now made a "group" of yourself, outside the normal definitions of people. Now there are your people and the rest of us. Second, I do not feel guilty for my ancestors actions. Did your dad cheat on your mom? Grandma on grandpa? Is your sister a stripper, prostitute, or wanted by law enforcement? Did someone somewhere in your family tree murder another human? Do you feel "guilty" about it, because obviously, according to your logic,the blame and guilt fall upon you. Of course not. Grow up, take rsponsibility for yourself and your actions and dont blame bad luck or crappy days on an entire race of people. I

Posted by JusMary

I can't get this to work. All it is doing is taking my right back to this page every time I click on it.

Posted by 1228x09

The friend I had mentioned was formerly part of a tribe in Africa and had been sold to by a rival tribe. He wasn't enslaved for 12 years as the man in this film and yes, he was living in Africa at the time. But that's the thing some people don't realize. Slavery is still very much living and breathing, and it has been, in more places than just the USA. Slavery is bigger than the U.S. The world is bigger than the U.S., my above comment regarding slavery was, obviously, not intended to suggest slavery happens by black people to other black people in America. But it can and does happen that way in other parts of the world. Just ask the survivors, get to know them. Broaden your minds and your knowledge.

Posted by lfwilson

You display the classic example of a white person who is now tired of feeling guilty for what your ancestors did so you come on these forums and tell black people that they are the problem. You possess the perfect character necessary to be a slave master. now..GTFOH David Duke

Posted by africansun

I am a first generation black woman whose parents came from Jamaica in the hope of finding prosperity in England. I watched Roots in my early teens. It had the same effect on me that this movie had. But with the wisdom of middle age I urge all people of African descent to in future boycott any hollywood entertainment that references the horror that our ancestors endured. Black parents, teachers, church elders, develop a proramme to inform the youth of their TRUE history, their proud african heritage. Encourage African pride and love first for one another. The regurgitation by the media of the horrors that black people endured in order for the white man to build their empires serves only to keep this horror and degredation real in our own consciousness as our genetic memories are triggered. Take control - there was never any resolution to the slavery of Africans, there was never any recompense. Open your eyes - propaganda and population control, dumbing down - sheer apathy - the media is THE tool - the internet has excelerated the process - but everyone no matter what colour - but particularly those of African descent needs to walk in the awareness that a slavery - a much more intractable form - is being put in place right now. Slavery for our grandchildren is a real possibility. Wake up people.

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