Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Peter is a composer and a likable sad sack who's devastated when his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall, the star of a cheesy CSI-style crime show, dumps him. He weeps, he rails, he mopes. Finally, his step-brother Brian suggests Hawaii, so Peter heads for a resort on Oahu where, as he's checking in, he sees Sarah and her new beau, Aldous, a polymorphously perverse English rocker. The weeping and moping start again, until Peter is rescued by Rachel, a thoughtful hotel clerk who invites him to a luau and to hang out. Although he constantly runs into Sarah and Aldous, Peter starts to come alive again. Will Sarah realize what she's lost, and what about Rachel?

  • Currently 7.20/10
(147378 votes)
Released: March 10, 2008
Runtime: 111 mins
Genres: Comedy Drama Romance Music
Actors: Jonah Hill, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, Kristen Bell

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Comments

Posted by SmOokiiE

lmaooooooo that shit was funny :)

Posted by millimuffin

I feel like this movie was good i laughed a lot watching it but they had horrible directing some parts where way too long and didnt need to be and while watching it towards the end it was dragged on like they made it seem like it was gonna end but it kept going and going on. Which makes me think they had too much footage and couldnt decide what to keep and they kept everything. Most people watching this and general audience will think it was amazing but from a technical standpoint it was sloppy but they did well for a movie with mostly tv actors for the time.

Posted by chinaeyess

Kristen bell was so hot in this movie. There is no dull moment in this movie.

Posted by brknhrtd8911

Not exactly sure what the rave was about this movie... I love Russell Brand and think he's hillarious BUT this movie didn't really do it for me... 5/10

Posted by Brittanyy

This movie is really funny and cute. I enjoyed it. I give this movie a 4/5

Posted by werbelow

idk know what ur talking about "true male" chad this movie is freaking hilarious!

Posted by iLikeToPaint

It was an easy-going, enjoyable movie. The girls are gorgeous, the setting's gorgeous, and you really end up wishing Segal's character the best of luck because he's just a good guy goin' through a rough time. Not incredibly unpredictable, but pleasant all the same!

Posted by enit_halog

oh i remember this one. it was cute and funny :) 4/5

Posted by TemperTantrum

little less penis shots it woulda been a solid 10/10 just have your girlfriend cover your eyes in a few spots and its like it never happend great funny movie 2 thumbs up

Posted by esperanzamccann

Kept me laughing and well entertain...I loved the trailer at first which to convinced me to watch this :D

Posted by bstokeling91

Isnt aldous snow the same guy from get him to the greek?

Posted by Chimasternmay

so re-watchable, fucking funny and good romcom at the same time.

Posted by jamesus

love it. very funny and watchable, :) watched it about 5 6 times. not board.

Posted by mel506

Amazing movie! Hilarious, entertaining and very well done. Both chicks are smoking hotttt! :) 10/10

Posted by reham55

Just an ok movie..worth a watch.

Posted by Gleeaholic

Loved the movie! 5/5

Posted by TheTrueLazer

Well it's a good movie in my opinion, a movie i've been debating to watch since Russel Brand isn't a person i personally like watching, but the film was good, 8/10 :)

Posted by selrahc77

Really funny, I think I would go to his opera 4/5

Posted by proana

This movie is freakin' hilarious. I could seriously watch it over and over.

Posted by YourBestie15

Yes it's a real comedy !! 4/5

Posted by Atomade

can't say anything bad about this movie. 9/10

Posted by Justwatchin

Great movie! I loved it :D

Posted by Cartipper

This was ok. A little funny.

Posted by raven13

Funny movie. 5 out of 5.

Posted by 22blanche

Jason Segal is so sweet in this. I wondered if it was a bit autobiographical. At first I thought it might be stupid and crass but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I thought everyone was great. Nicely crafted script with a gentle pace. Nice to see men being portrayed as gentle, sensitive and sweet. Really lovely to hear "Nothing compares' in Hawaiian. Definitely worth a watch if you need a laugh. Great ending too.

Posted by kayteej89

still my number one film of all time!!!

Posted by Sean_john

awesome movie loved watching it

Posted by JoEy_TeRrIfYiNg

It actually took me awhile to give this movie a chance but it was better then I thought it would be.

Posted by HungerGamesFan

Worth watching, has a few good laughs in it. Plus Jason Segel is really funny and Russell Brand is hot. 7.5/10

Posted by TriniIndianGyal

Really funny...the beginning cracked me up!!! Great movie overall

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