The Real Housewives of New Jersey: 3 of the housewives are related. Caroline is the elder sister in a family of 11, Italian. She is married to Albert Manzo who owns & operates the Brownstone in Paterson, NJ which regularly hosts wedding receptions. Carol and Al have 3 children. Chris & Lauren work at the Brownstone while one son is going to law school. Her youngest sibling, Dina, is divorced & remarried to Caroline's brother-in-law. She has a teenage daughter and is an event planner at the Brownstone where she works with her husband & brother-in-law & other relatives. The third wife is the sister-in-law and comes from Las Vegas. The fourth and fifth wives are the only ones who aren't related to the family but...

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Released: April 07, 2009
Genres: Reality-TV
Actors: Danielle Staub, Victoria Vance, Danny Provenzano, Teresa Giudice

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey (2009) Comments

Posted by Supercat007

Teresa is Ghetto!!!! lol! Go get her Teresa!

Posted by Udolie

All of the dirt, insanity and no holds barred scandals of the entire season explode in the reunion. wow!

Posted by nasa_kaan

I prefer Kathy without the surgery ! It really has hindered her look she was so much prettier without it !!

Posted by luckyrose

They are all shallow,self absorbed,immoral humans,pathetic.

Posted by jaeverde

Teresa has lost her damn mind, maybe the fact that she lost her money is the root of the problem. she's trying every way she can to get money right now so everyone is fair game. Of course only Caroline can really see this but I guess that make her a bully of bitch in some of you guys head huh but i'm confused why she went on the trip. Well where I come from if you don't like someone you stay away from them oh and don't take a family trip with them. if everyone wants them there and you don't stay your ass at home!

Posted by cassanovas

r u serious?!? danielle is a shit starting delusional psycho she is cleary obsessed with jacolyn and dina like she talked all that shit bout teresa n everyone else but wen shit went down her ass was running cryin and callin the police like really y r u on team danielle? the only thing positive i can say about her is she kept the show interesting with drama but thats it i feel bad for her kids

Posted by penthius

That was awful to watch. Danielle is screwed in the head but those bitches are hell bent on getting her. The behavior of Theresa and Jacqueline's daughter was so disgusting - if this had been reversed and it was Danielle chasing after Theresa and then ripping Jacquelines daughters hair out she would have been arrested and the whole lot of the bitches and there husbands and sons would have gone after her.

Posted by neviboo


Posted by lynn0511

But for the "natives" - Vegas really IS a family town, people who live there are actually like country-hicks

Posted by neviboo

kim g is such a bitch....i really dislike dis woman...

Posted by CMoth

I think Melissa and Joe need to release that devil as family. Theresa has a very, very black heart.

Posted by nasa_kaan

Wow Jersey is one crazy place ! I think I should visit !

Posted by GoldPeach

WTF Teresa really turns my stomach. She is absolutely deplorable I do not even understand why any of these women would waste even another second trying to talk to her or caring about anything she says.

Posted by blue44

love the reality shows, this is one of the more fun to watch of the house wives.

Posted by liltoxicboy

anyone know what date the part 2 Reunion will be uploaded :)

Posted by ashleymarie1988

that was real Shady of Kim G. I really have to give Melissa kudos for doing the right thing, she is really making an effort, i just hope this doesn't blow up crazy, i really want them all to work it out and be a happy family.

Posted by versebtm

What a fiasco, and its sick, but I really loved it. This reunion has put the realness back into the Real Housewives Of New Jersey. The emotions, the insults and the wit were flying all around like knats at a barbecue. The host tried to maintain some control, but even he was shocked at the pettyness of Theresa and the anger of her used to be family and friends. Its no shock here that Theresa is not thinking with a full deck. She has drifted off into a lala land where she is queen and everyone else must suffer her wraith when she dosent get her way. But its defianately. Backfire-ing and blowing up in her face. This is only part 1. I can't imagtine what part 2 is gonna be like. And what the heck is that no neck Joe screaming about. Oh. Kathy!!!!LOL...

Posted by CMoth

Who knew Teresa COULD get worse. Kathy's looking good!

Posted by ouch110

This episode of the Danielle show.... Sorry... Housewives was great! These women are OBSESSED with her... It's all they talk about. Next episode looks brilliant!

Posted by seagreen

lord in heaven above, i can't help myself...i love this show. what in the world is with all these 'housewives' thinking they can sing? it's painful! i can't WAIT to see what happens next week. here's hoping it involves table flipping and hair pulling.

Posted by kiwi20

i really don't like teresa because she's not a good friend as u can see in the next episode she tries to get her sister in-law again i mean does she ever stop the season final isn't going to be pretty and i can't wait i hope learns that teresa it's a good person to trust

Posted by SusanSLK

team Teressa, she shouldnt have to apologize, when she hasnt done anything wrong. I feel like her brother is the cause for all the tension, he knows that he wouldnt have anything if it was for his sister and that bothers him, so he chooses to cut her out of his life.

Posted by versebtm

After being a loyal male watcher of this sinful delight, it is the first time I really enjoyed Theresa, she was trying to be nice and engage Danielle in conversation. I really think Theresa had good intensions. Danielle was acting very childish and close minded, and focusing too much on that troubled youth Ashley. All Danielle had to do was politely say hello to Theresa and Jaqueline and keep it moving. Danielle , even though I really sort of felt sorry for her, I must side with Theresa in this instance, and it just goes to prove Danielle is all mouth, if you are going to be unbending , and nasty to somebody like Theresa , you have got to have the guts to back it up. Theresa should win a reaLITY AWARD, SHE MADE THIS EPISODE EXTREMELY MEMORABLE, and the last seasons table episode as well. LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by luckyrose


Posted by conching_09

Teresa acts like a 5yr old kid, other ladies should accept that she will never change.. If they are really matured and they can understand things than Teresa, I think they should forgive and forget and understand her condition... But what the hell, if there is no Teresa there is no show!

Posted by seagreen

aaaaaaaaaah! i can't believe they left us hanging like that!

Posted by metrasurfing

I don't know if there is a point of making a 5th season. They don't hang out any more in real life, and so far Theresa is the only one to sign on for a season 5. I guess the only thing to do is to just give her her own spin off show then everyone will be happy. What the show will be about? I have no clue..

Posted by penthius

I think someone said on IMDB that it was rumoured Dina had cheated and that Caroline told her hubby/ who inturn told Dinas husband (his brother) now her ex. Its all tied up there somehow and Caroline tried to blame Daniela for Dinas hubby finding out but Dina now thinks (maybe thanks to Teresa) that it was all Caroline all along!

Posted by neviboo


Posted by Supercat007

That was the same thing I was thinking Scenery! She can do better than that. I hope.

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