Memento (2000)

Memento: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.

  • Currently 8.60/10
(490847 votes)
Released: January 20, 2001
Runtime: 113 mins
Genres: Mystery Thriller
Actors: Guy Pearce, Thomas Lennon, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano

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Version 2 1248 views
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Version 3 4539 views
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Memento (2000) Comments

Posted by greenpaint

ah f the movie i dont care about the main character the dumb plot. or the confusing film. this is boring and uninteresting to me.

Posted by mcpepper111

It was really good and it kept me interested, which is really saying something. I didn't expect it to be a 10 but it is!

Posted by onetoughcrowd

Not a one time watch because you really have to see me more then once, and pay extra attention to understand it. So, if you have the head for that, you'll enjoy it.

Posted by raspberryjtsix

This one is more intended for adult viewers not for the young audience it very cleverly done with a twist of reversal and future chronological orders in sequence giving some clues to the mystery.. it more a calm relax thriller.. nothing of adrenaline pumping action movie more aim for analytical thinking... rate this movie a 7/10..

Posted by MightyMenace

Christopher Nolan is a bad ass director this is similar to his movie Inception so some may have to watch 2wice to 4/5 cause no nudity "The world just doesn't disappear when you close your eyes, does it?"

Posted by sweetpealuci

Good movie! But kind of confusing @ times

Posted by doublekk

Well this movie is most certainly original! I like this movie a lot, it has great twists:D 7.4/10 Good cast, good story and its very unique. This movie was good because it kept making me change my view on different characters.

Posted by artChoice

i think this film gets easily richer in content when watching 2 or more times. the ending didn't really come as a surprise though to discover leonard's true motive is quite depressing ~ this film definitely keeps you busy - 10/10

Posted by MystiqueofIndy

I did not like this flick...too confusing I think The Lookout is way better, check that 1 out

Posted by 90smovielover

Amazing, i wonder who was telling the truth or not. Such a good movie, great and unique story. It does a number on your head this one. 10/10 loved it and a must watch. Its true, it is Nolans best!

Posted by matthungryyy

Friend thought it was a flick that I might be somewhat interested in, was that an understatement. The movie was well put together and scripted by Christopher Nolan. A very thought provoking movie that can be interpreted differently from many points of view. 9/10

Posted by lezza

Good film but takes a lot of concentration 6/10

Posted by chanelicia

Strange movie that has been re-made to death in Indian films (but with songs and dance of course) but this version tops it because of Guy Pearce. Watch it.

Posted by Markov79

Great movie!! Def in my top10!

Posted by duncanisme

This movie was great, I absolutely love the format that it was done in. There are a large number of parallels that can be drawn between this and Shutter Island, to the point that they are virtually the same movie with varying circumstances and a varying format. I personally believe that this movie is better than Shutter Island, but Shutter Island has a lot more name draw than this does. I mean come on, Christopher Nolan and Guy Pearce to Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio? A perfect example that popularity does not equal quality.

Posted by definitethought

I wish all films were this fascinating.

Posted by deimantasz1

Nolan explained in this movie everything, that you couldn't understand in first half of the movie, he doesn't leave any mystery or something to work out.Absolute masterpeace.

Posted by Bouncer32

Awesome movie! Probably top 10 all time

Posted by abdira1009

This is movie is so twisted, it F##k up my mind, you will try your best to figure things out, and its like your suffering from the same condition like the character. it is so twisted that you will eventually get bored, you must watch like 3 times to understand.

Posted by annmarie913

Absolutely LOVE this movie, even though I had to watch it a couple times to catch everything. Brilliant, sometimes funny confusion. 10/10

Posted by backroad_420

Fun movie to watch, the end is a bit twisted.

Posted by blagojex

Oh boy, here we go again!

Posted by cool215

That is crazy and top movie!like it!8/10

Posted by DGTV

"insanely interesting, very intense, awesome acting, great plot, perfect psychological thriller,,, 5/5" QFT

Posted by dustinwcash

amazing movie- do watch

Posted by eng_sparks

wow! i was shocked at the end

Posted by fuelup

The reviews are great. I rate this 4/5, as challenging and creative to watch, it's a puzzle with lots of pieces scattered in different parts of the room. You have to find them to get the complete picture. Check it out.

Posted by Gia_Paradise

interesting movie, and a gorgeous Guy Pearce

Posted by janefreakindoe

aw thats crazy! I love this movie..A good one time watch..

Posted by lilianebarnes

While movies today invest on satisfying your eyes this one invests all its energy on twisting your brain. Very good. I think this is the most well-thought movie I have ever seen. :)) 10/10

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