The Departed (2006)

The Departed: In South Boston, the state police force is waging war on Irish-American organized crime. Young undercover cop Billy Costigan is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Frank Costello. While Billy quickly gains Costello's confidence, Colin Sullivan, a hardened young criminal who has infiltrated the state police as an informer for the syndicate, is rising to a position of power in the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply consumed by his double life, gathering information about the plans and counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated. But when it becomes clear to both the mob and the police that there's a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin are...

  • Currently 8.50/10
(482154 votes)
Released: September 26, 2006
Runtime: 151 mins
Genres: Crime Mystery Thriller Drama
Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson

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The Departed (2006) Comments

Posted by iballin

=/ how would the rat at the end be a bad ending linda? it makes alot of sense and puts marty scorsese trade mark on it.

Posted by Bliss182

a film just doesn't get any better than this. Decaprio, Nicholson and Damon all in one film. throw in Brad Pitt and you got yourself a film worth dying for. 5/5

Posted by Alceus

If your thinking about watching this movie, watch it. If your not sure, watch it. This was great! There are some un-answered questions however...

Posted by Hazrdus_Reaper

This is one of my all time favorite movies. Great plot, great cast, this movie just plain rocks!!! 9/10.

Posted by sugarpack

Awesome movie with surprises. Must see for everyone. 8/10.

Posted by Bbop03

Love this dang movie!! Still cant get over that Brad had something to do with this movie lol!! This he should of been in a scene or two lol! But I'm still a bit confused bout the ending...maybe its cuz I don't want it to be true cuz its Mark lol!!

Posted by raspberryjtsix

i cant get enough of this movie brought it to my collection you can replay it over and over again. Love all the major actors in this movie.Which brings a touch of charisma into the drama thriller .

Posted by iballin

huh.... he was leading roll their bud ... he had many scenes lmao.

Posted by nevergiveup199399

good twists,interesting movie worth a watch!! 8/10

Posted by ayhkah

Next to Good-fellas better than godfather

Posted by fuelup

Mr. Scorcese is a gifted director and artist in film and music. Have to give credit to the cast of course and although it's a long movie, need to keep in mind of all the details that had to unfold. Get your popcorn out!

Posted by laylathis

MAN!!!! This was an on the edge all the way movie! I LOVED it! I must say the all star cast. Matt D. and Leonardo D. were fantastic in their roles. They really show their range is unstoppable! Oh Jack was on spot too! This is a MUST watch as far as I'm concerned. Great film!!

Posted by penthius

Amazing movie ! Its a long one but you don't even look at the clock watching it because you won't take your eyes off the screen ! New fan of Leonardo ! 9/10 easily !

Posted by CABLE524

Walhberg was the man in this....pow!

Posted by Diegaron

Great movie. Sick plot, with amazing twists that you don't see coming. hands down one of my top 10 movies.

Posted by Tish7

I must say, the only thing that is "departed" about this movie are the writers lol. It was a good watch though. A bit long but I did not get bored. I enjoyed everyone's performance, like someone had mentioned...the performances made the movie....especially Leonardo and Jack Nicholson. Everyone was great, for that I give this 4/5

Posted by Andii0

I must say it again... Some movies never need to be remade! Yes this is a good movie. But it pales in comparison to the original. "Infernal Affairs" Mou gaan dou (original title) this trilogy is the best I've ever seen in it's genre. Enjoy this film... yes. But do yourself a favor and check out the original. You wont regret it! :)

Posted by susssa

One of my favorite. Love Martin Scorsece movies. 10/10

Posted by Cybernator

Good movie. Lots of big name stars

Posted by gingerbeardman

Great movie. A classic thriller with intrigue, mystery, plot twists, great acting and fantastic direction. One of the greatest. 5/5

Posted by MilenaNena

101% great creation!

Posted by MovieKritik

This film's rating is a 10 out of 10. It is clearly one of the best movies in cinema history. Martin Scorsese has outdone himself yet again, and he continues to amaze and inspire. The movie has great casting, an excellent climax, a suprise twist ending, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire film. It will definitely go down as one of the best ever made. I feel everyone should watch this film at least once in their lifetime.

Posted by Val3ntino112

Did you not see the part when the psychiatrist opens the envelope, and it's a tape recorder of all of Costelo and Sullivan's(Her bf) conversations. If you did, then that's what happened with the envelope :P, and if you didn't , then you completely missed that part.

Posted by Skoda91

Unrealisticly good...

Posted by hipstar

very good remake of the chinese original

Posted by Christopsy

The film is superbly shot, and the rapid-fire editing and shaky camera fit the constant flux that the main characters find themselves in time and again. Really enjoyed it, and It's a must watch over and over again. 9/10

Posted by Garp

this movie didn't any sense to me. i watched and am confused by this one. pm me if you understood who was the crook and who was the cops.

Posted by ANTONIO_23

this is a fucking masterpiece

Posted by NighttHawkk

(stagevu) Excellent movie! Don't miss out on this one. The departed is a gangster drama with the gritty authenticity. Seen it when it first came out. 10/10 martin scorceses is brilliant. Couldn't ask for a better cast of charaters he put together into one film. Jack nicholson, leonardo dicaprio, and matt damon. I wouldn't expect less from martin scorceses. It will take you on athrill ride till the very end. So sit back and enjoy another master piece. Enjoy!

Posted by mannou86

powerfull,remrquable,sad and brillant cast and story!!!10/10.

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