Six Feet Under: A drama series that takes a darkly comical look at members of a dysfunctional family that runs an independent funeral home. With the prodigal elder son (Nate) returning home for the holidays to shattering news, the family must learn to deal with a death of their own, while figuring out how to go ahead with the business of the living. A funny and emotional look at a grieving American family...that just happens to be in the grief management business.

  • Currently 8.80/10
(52879 votes)
Released: June 03, 2001
Runtime: 55 mins
Genres: Drama
Actors: Bobby Cannavale, Peter Facinelli, Lana Parrilla, Ben Foster

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Six Feet Under (2001) Comments

Posted by Andii0

Awesome show and the soundtracks for every season are amazing.

Posted by gman713

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this show! One of the best...EVER!

Posted by gman713

Fantastic episode with many good scenes...(the look on Rico's face when he saw his father in the casket with a ''restored'' face, the bedroom argument between Nate and Bren, Ruth first holding her grand-daughter). All priceless!

Posted by brian195951

there was so much said in this episode about family and lonliness . kinda sad really.

Posted by redstone80

love this show as an aspiring undertaker. funny how the woman that plays brenda is can mask her accent seeing as she is Australian

Posted by gman713

It's a shame that all GOOD series don't have the opportunity to plan for an appropriate finale like this. These day they're here...the next day they're gone! This finale is unforgettable!!!

Posted by Sodapop_Curtis

Why does the description contain the WHOLE episode ?? Thanks for the spoilers !

Posted by angelathestar

Why are all the episodes in this season out of sink :/

Posted by RogueRequest

So pissed at Nate, but I really wish Brenda would just disappear.

Posted by renome

This is one of the most beautiful dramas I ever saw on TV. The finale made me cry like a little baby.

Posted by kfayr

Lisa is driving me insane. Nate needs to man up!!

Posted by RogueRequest

I am really starting to not like Brenda at all. I really hope that Dave pulls his stuff together. Oh, and go Rico!

Posted by missshrimp

so love this show . it's the best . reco did not die , did he :P . anyways loved the ending , it was epic .

Posted by SyFyfan88

ya! really disturbing!

Posted by angelathestar

This episode was pretty sad..

Posted by littlemiss79

Am surprised there are no more comments/views for this series on here. is a great series i loved the first time round an now love alot of things that were forgotten over time

Posted by Sodapop_Curtis

There is once again a HUGE spoiler in the description of the episode !

Posted by Deciduous

So grittily realistic on the front of human emotion, frality and psychological flaws - that you'll probably need counselling after finishing the box set. There is something eerily familiar about these life stories. It digs under the surface, then throws up long forgotten memories of life's little mistakes that you've made along the way, and has you cringing with regret. Yes it is that good. Extradinary show.

Posted by angelathestar

One of the best shows ever made & definitely one of my favorites! Made me cry on more than one occasion, but made me laugh as well. Very true to life. The ending was definitely epic!

Posted by blueeyes_af

That's what I do too.

Posted by gman713

Funny episode! The paint-ball war was hilarious!!

Posted by irreverence

Watched all the seasons, as intriguing as this show is centered on how a family and relationships work around people whom work with death. Especially, this family seems to hum along when given working the roles they seemed intended for and any deviation from this shows strain and the fight involved to grasp at the aspired idea of yourself. When tragedy strikes each character will find out whether or not they will live up to their ideals or it was all an illusion. All along the way they battle with these ideals gives a glimpse into each characters psyche. Which leads to reactions that seem psychotic, and gives life to each character that either draws you in or repels you away. Thats the driving force of this show. Its a hit or miss for each person and it was mostly a miss for me. To each their own. 6.5/10.... a great show that shows life how life just goes on...insert cliche about life and death

Posted by Lilginge22

Edie & Claire are sooo beautiful together. Davids dinner party was hilarious! And the scene where David tells Claire what really happened to him is SO powerful.

Posted by RogueRequest

Yeah, it's official, I hate Brenda. There has always been something about her I didn't like, but this episode just proves how bad she is, imho.

Posted by gman713

The last scene...not how anyone would want to remember a loved one for the rest of your life!

Posted by littlemiss79

As a fan of Micheal C Hall and Dexter im now waiting on season 8 so thought id check him out here :)

Posted by gman713

Conroy and Clarkson..amazing acting from both in the kitchen scene near the end!

Posted by SyFyfan88

I love the ending of this episode!

Posted by RogueRequest

I laughed so hard when Rico walked in on his brother. Great episode.

Posted by gman713

Good ending to a great season!

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