The Sopranos (1999)

The Sopranos: An innovative look at the life of fictional Mafia Capo Tony Soprano, this serial is presented largely first person, but additional perspective is conveyed by the intimate conversations Tony has with his psychotherapist. We see Tony at work, at home, and in therapy. Moments of black comedy intersperse this aggressive, adult drama, with adult language, and extreme violence.

  • Currently 9.20/10
(90152 votes)
Released: January 10, 1999
Runtime: 58 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Thriller
Actors: Steve Buscemi, Dania Ramirez, David Strathairn, Will Arnett

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The Sopranos (1999) Comments

Posted by dan_Markis

WTF they didnt finish the damn play. On another note the show has reached new levels. Its an absolute blast!

Posted by ag650a

WOW how i miss this series, just finished watching all 6 seasons and hands down the best series ever made, wish they would make more it would really be great!! 10/10

Posted by Solo713

a great scene provides notable detail to Tony's ways. Enjoy!!!

Posted by Solo713

predictable in some way for sure. Enjoy!!!

Posted by Solo713

Top 3!!! Aside from Dexter and Californication. This series is by far the best in it's genre. Untouchable!

Posted by deventer00

aaaa, at least 4 years agoo when i watched this show fore the last time. Brings back old memories haha! Best show ever!

Posted by Elvis77

Great episode. Johnny Sack deserves an Emmy.

Posted by DokSax

'the god damn ducks'

Posted by Solo713

Fast pace living was missed when Tony was in Italy. Enjoy!!!

Posted by Cacibubko

GandoIfini is reaI macho awesome show 5/5

Posted by ElementalEye

I tried to get out but they keep pulling me back in

Posted by Solo713

I am re-living the amazing show called, The Sopranos. If it's your first time around, I highly recommend it. If not, enjoy it again!!!

Posted by sessheomaru

some nice soundtracks in this episode.

Posted by imakecomments

RIP James Gandolfini I will honor you by watching the entire series again.

Posted by RyaZacShu

Great episode, love the look of Italy. Reminds me of The Godfather, which I've found is a common occurence in this show.

Posted by jtube00420

I had my concerns about this season but wow.. these last two episodes have been the most intense yet. Damn that Edie Falco can act.

Posted by bashfulbrother

I personally believe that Carmela took care of things. Sacks, Carlo, Heitch, Leotardo, Christopher, Bobby, Junior, etc. are all incapacitated. In the first episode it is clear that Carmela and Tony are not in love. As time passes Carmela begins to see other wives lose everything when their husbands die. This leads her to the role of contractor, the same thing Tony is doing. She is the niece of one of the family heads, so she has been around the families all her life. She knows how to get things done. On the day they go to dinner, late in the afternoon, she tells AJ that they are going to Holsten's. He says, "I thought you were making manicotti?" She says she has to meet with some contractors. They all leave for dinner. There isn't time enough for anyone else to deal with what she has to deal with. She has set it up. When they came after John Dillinger they used a girlfriend of his they called the "lady in red". She was dressed in a red dress and that's how the FBI were able to finger Dillinger. When Carmela walks in the restaurant she is wearing a bright red coat. It's the only time in the series she has worn it. This is the Id. She just got $600K from the house she built, and on the night that Chris dies, she is looking at buying a house in Florida. Then right before she leaves for the restaurant, she is looking at plans for her new house and the prints are for a location in Florida. She sells the old house, takes the $600 large too, and she settles in Florida, free of Tony, and secure for her future.

Posted by Lokey_OMalandro

Penisary contact with her volvo... I love that line so much

Posted by tknibbs

best series. EVER

Posted by sessheomaru

haha!! that other psychiatrist is definitely smoking something and chris lol oh man, he cracks me up, great episode.

Posted by dan_Markis

im loving the show :)

Posted by army1959

you would think by now there would have been some kind of spin off to at least tie things together it reminded me of the ending of lost moore questions than answers

Posted by senescence420

shame that james gandolfini died in suspicious circumstances heart attack my arse. if he was alive i would welcome a sopranos revival.

Posted by Turgyptian

Episode 18 of the final season... damn I'd give anything to watch this show over again without knowing what's gonna happen.

Posted by sessheomaru

i'd like to see noah try it lol great episode.

Posted by Solo713

Overbite bit the underachiever! Lol. Irina, oh Irina. Enjoy!!!

Posted by dan_Markis

Great start to the season. This is getting very interesting with all this FBI surveillance. With Tonys anger problems the lamp could easily be destroyed.

Posted by Charlie247

imma keep watchin seen da first ep two time

Posted by lafndead

Im from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY aka Little Russia. Take it from someone who knows, Russian gangsters are gangster, the KGB is militant. The proof is in this episode, easily a favorite thus far in the series.

Posted by RogueRequest

Some about Janice makes me want to pummel her.

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