The Rum Diary (2011)

The Rum Diary: Hard-drinking journalist Paul Kemp takes a job at a besieged newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His volatile editor, Lotterman, assigns him to tourist pieces and horoscopes, but promises more. Paul rooms with Sala, an aging and equally alcoholic reporter, in a rundown flat. Sanderson, a wealthy entrepreneur, hires Paul to flack for a group of investors who plan to buy an island near the capital and build a resort. Sanderson's girl-friend, the beguiling Chenault, bats her eyes at Paul. His loyalties face challenges when he and Sala get in trouble with locals, when a Carnival dance enrages Sanderson, and when the paper hits the skids. Is the solution always alcohol?

  • Currently 6.20/10
(55274 votes)
Released: October 13, 2011
Runtime: 120 mins
Genres: Adventure Drama Mystery Thriller Comedy Romance
Actors: Johnny Depp, Giovanni Ribisi, Aaron Eckhart, Richard Jenkins

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The Rum Diary (2011) Comments

Posted by giveupnewyork

Uhm, maybe the destruction of the environment of the island?

Posted by Harps187

This was awesome and Depp is great watch it

Posted by lagginswag

anyone that has read or even KNOWS about the book can tell by seeing this movie that like usual alot of the book is lost in translation... BUT any hunter s. thompson fan, me included, will enjoy it for what it is. johnny depp nails his roles like this and im damn sure hunter would love to see his vision come to life in the hands of one of the greatest and versatile actors around. im no johnny depp fanboy, i think hes overrated... but its not fair to criticize people for whatever reason and not recognize the genuine talent displayed.

Posted by woop

you have to watch it you'll be glued to the screen when watching it and you'll laugh your head off 10/10

Posted by Fan64

this is a all round go movie it funny and a good watch 10/10

Posted by lilhippiechick

I loved it!!!! So many laughs, great acting great story line, A must see!! Johnny Depp and Giovanni Ribissi.... I give it 5 outta 5 stars!!

Posted by swifty

good movie a little slow but for what it is i didn't expect more 4/5

Posted by Mr_Goodkat

Interesting story, colorful characters which is typical of Thompson's writing. Depp is solid as the main character (as usual). Giovanni Ribisi was in rare form in this one as well. It is a Hunter S. Thompson adapted novel but don't go into it expecting Fear and Loathing. This was the first novel he wrote when he was 22 but was never published until 1998. That being said you can tell from the tone of the film and characters that Thompson's "voice" is there it's just milder and less cynical.

Posted by xPurpleHazeX

Don't trust the ratings systems here..some people vote crap movies like a 4 or 5 stars. Use your own personal opinion. Something should be done about these star ratings lol

Posted by Phuqueful

No, it's just another one of Dr. Hunter S. Thompsons books made into a movie.

Posted by cyberslaw

This movie has an interesting feel to it if you happen to be a fan of fear and loathing in las vegas. It has a lot of references to Hunter s. Tompsons life and is a representation of a fictional conception of Gonzo journalism ,but it's not as nearly good as F&L in LV, in fact the only reason one might it enjoy it is the lack of rebellion and general cleanliness of movies that come out today it even might inspire to think about taking some sort of action, but i doubt it. If you want the real thing try watching the documentary on Hunter s. Tompson. If you still decide to watch it... ENJOY MIKI

Posted by FallenDestiny28

Not as good as I really thought it was going to be. I was pretty disappointed. I fell asleep the first two times I tried to watch, just was really boring to me. I love Hunter S. and Fear and Loathing is just freakin' epic but this was a let down.

Posted by gravitas

jesus H christ...another russion mafia bootlegged film and now...dubbed in some russian dialect...what a crock of....well, you get the idea.

Posted by kmarquize

Come on, you can't go wrong with Johnny Depp! Really good movie with some laugh-out-loud scenes. Had me thoroughly entertained right up to the end.

Posted by Conwaypk

Quite the story. The ending shocked me. I really enjoyed this. Becoming a favorite for sure.

Posted by prissykity01

I really enjoyed this movie. Depp was fantastic as well as Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard. 9/10

Posted by klagerquist

Definitely not the best Johnny Depp movie I've seen. Was expecting a bit more from a role that he chose. If I were to give it a rating I'd say 5/10, not entirely bad, but not great.

Posted by PopCornTheif

This was an offbeat kind of artistic movie.. Truth Vs. Money. Slow to get going and without Depp to carry it then there really would have been no film, but there were some funny moments and it's worth a watch 7/10.

Posted by ag650a

Also did not get the whole issue with the hotel construction, think they should have gone a bit more into detail since this effected the story line of the movie as this was clearly an issue and i also don't get why Johnny Depp's character and Aaron Eckhart's character had a fall out at the club since the girlfriend was the slutty drunk don't know why he got kicked out of the business deal, anyways a bit weird but gotta say this movie is def. still worth watching, great cast and great acting!! 7/10.

Posted by krftw95

Except for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas this is my favorite Hunter S. Thompson Movie. Not for everyone but a true masterpiece none the less.

Posted by findyourcenter

Johnny Depp and Rum....Hmmm, I believe I've seen this before except it was called Pirates of the Caribbean.

Posted by blackangel90

it was a good movie worth watching,i give it a 6/10

Posted by chrisztv

good movie not his best but a good 3.5 out of 5 stars

Posted by Keisha_R

I thought this show was kind of suky and boring. what was the deal with the crazy guy?

Posted by imakecomments

Did you ever read the book?

Posted by mediabuff

It hasn't been a good year for Johnny Depp, actually, it hasn't been a good two years. This movie tries to be stylish, retro, funny, dramatic, and fails miserably at all of those things. They really screwed the pooch on this one. 1/5

Posted by Jawadhassan

Johnny Depp he always good in any ,....not bad but not so good 3/5

Posted by JasonGraham5

Good film. Horrible ending, they could have added more to it. 6/10

Posted by zapater

To me this wasn't worth the effort...poor characters development,clich

Posted by crisalex07

I saw this in the theater when , and I loved it! Johnny Depp is the MAN. very good movie 8/10

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