Splinter (2008)

Splinter: While camping in the woods, Polly Watt and her clumsy boyfriend Seth Belzer damage their tent. They decide to spend the night in a low-budget motel. Meanwhile the criminals, Lacey Belisle and Dennis Farell, have trouble with their runaway car while heading to Platt and they walk on the lonely road. When Polly passes by Lacey, she stops the car and the couple is rendered by Dennis. However, Polly hits something in the road and while replacing the tire, they are attacked by a weird splinter. The car overheats and they stop in a gas station, where they are trapped by zombies, victims of the splinter parasite.

  • Currently 6.10/10
(17198 votes)
Released: 2008
Runtime: 82 mins
Genres: Drama Horror Thriller
Actors: Shea Whigham, Laurel Whitsett, Rachel Kerbs, Paulo Costanzo

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Splinter (2008) Comments

Posted by funkylock

lol low budget rubbish . waste of my time

Posted by onetoughcrowd

Great movie. Seen it twice. I hope they make another!

Posted by roobixrob

That was one of the best creature features iv seen. Seriously check this out. The monster is pretty cool and iv never seen this concept before.

Posted by imarkable

I like the different Splinter parasite (Not a spoil, In description) but i didn't like the boyfriend or some of the things that happened, I just think they could have wrote a few other scenarios to occur.

Posted by malaysiaboy

A very different take on horror n creature feature genre. Well made wit good shock n suspense factor. Wasn't all scary bt interesting 4rm start 2 the end. Sort of like The Thing n very good 4 a low budget flick.

Posted by neelheel

Surprisingly brilliant, there needs to be more horror films about limbs bending the wrong way, its gross!

Posted by asreal

the guys who did this probaly had Stephen King and John Carpenter scratching their heads, this flick was really Eerie with an capital E, had my attention, racked up an:B. was just flat out un-nerving.

Posted by bestofthenewsouth

10/10 Worth the watch awesome movie, had me jumping LOL

Posted by MUramasa13

Real nice creature feature movie. In my opinion, 1 of the best ones that came out within 10 years. I think I'll watch it again after this comment. Hehehe.

Posted by fraser3

This is totally different from everyone's opinions but basically the movie is very predictable, the creature is lame and the venue of choice is very cliche (I mean whats original about hiding out from the monster in a store) anyway thats just my opinion don't give me some negative karma just because you like this movie lol. 2/5

Posted by lilinas

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie when it 1st was released. Still enjoyed it today after all this time. A must watch!

Posted by Raven61


Posted by deusman

This movie certainly is worth a watch , nothing extra ordinary, 6/10

Posted by youspeakflowers

The acting is what drives this movie. The characters histories are really revealed (somewhat shallow) but it gives just enough emotional stance to create a bond/grouping between them. There is a great tension theme behind this. Good for a watch. Wouldn't say I'd recommend it to all. Maybe some horror fanatics. It doesn't leave much for any other kind of movie goer,

Posted by jordster16

I did not like this movie one bit, lost interest in it within about 30 minutes, the ending didn't really work well for a 'horror' if that's what you can call this movie. generally rate it 1/5

Posted by kimora

good movie, deff worth watching once. good story and good acting 6/10

Posted by onetoughcrowd

Very scary and a bit gross at times, but aren't most of them all? This one was different. Definitely worth watching!

Posted by yvetterocks

it was a definitely different type of film I've seen but i enjoyed it like the storyline and characters 8/10

Posted by dni187

This movie is worth a watch.Not scary at all--- 3.5/5

Posted by Tahngarth69

This movie was way better than I expected. The characters were great, the boyfriend could be annoying @ some times and I found myself wanting to beat the hell out of them for doing stupid things and testing out theories. The convict's acting was superb. The dialogue between the characters is what I would expect in a situation like they were in. Hope there is a sequel! Great overall film, 9/10

Posted by krayzie951

cool movie it was interesting only if it had more kills

Posted by sibs19

awesome movie a real rollercoster with good story n even better acting i wont be surprised if in the future this is classed as a classic :) ***** p.s its so good that i felt like i had to write a review lol

Posted by Kali010

great lil creature feature. 8/10

Posted by saama

That was good. Alright for 1 time watch.

Posted by Vampdesu

A very good movie, definitely worth a watch!

Posted by proana

Original idea, with okay acting. The story wasn't really that amazing though. It's a decent film, worth a watch if you're into horror films. 2.5/5.

Posted by WizAtWork

Lets get straight to the point, this movie starts out with more pricks than you would expect, but suddenly you find the characters in the midst of a sticky situation. I wish more emphasis would have been focused on monster development and the different contortions an infested body was manipulated through, however, it was worth a watch so...I stuck with it til the end...5/5

Posted by cheshrkat

AWESOME movie!!! Kind of a typical horror movie scenario, but done with more style than anything Hollywood has come out with lately! Great story, surprisingly realistic dialogue, and a seriously creepy monster! Proof you don't need a 10 digit budget and a cast of A-listers to pull off a great movie! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Posted by rickshire1

pretty good creature feature 7/10

Posted by bettypage2000

Good movie, pretty original story line and acting was pretty much on point. 4 out of 5

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