Californication: A writer tries to juggle his career, his relationship with his daughter and his ex-girlfriend, as well as his appetite for beautiful women.

  • Currently 8.20/10
(64827 votes)
Released: 2007
Runtime: 28 mins
Genres: Comedy Drama
Actors: Madeline Zima, Carla Gugino, Maggie Grace, Judy Greer

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Californication (2007) Comments

Posted by dianaluvsnyc

"excuse me. i just saw someone i defecated on in palm springs." lolol... love this show.

Posted by jtube00420

Great to finally get some more background on Faith. She's such an interesting addition to this band of misfits. Always love some snark on religious topics.

Posted by adarkangel26

This show is weird in a good way lol 8/10

Posted by no_beachboy

i don't quite get karren. i mean, after all the fucking around that hank did, the mia thing was the only one to get her really pissed. it's still not like he's known she was 16.

Posted by fuelup

@ tracy, the table scene shows how Hanks' circle of friends have moved on with their new relationships and adapted quite well to talk 'openly' This is almost 3 yrs now don't forget and Hank still isn't ready to commit. Think of the Marshall Tucker song... "Can't you see, what that woman, been doin to me." Season 5 is still smokin'

Posted by Nana91

huge disappointment! I wanted to like it so much but I couldn't I absolutely hated it

Posted by Asad360

bro can't catch a break..smh

Posted by samiis

I Love this show so much ! my favorite of all time

Posted by GoldPeach

wtf is Mia's problem... she is such a jerk. Hank is a man slut but he never deserved to be tortured and screwed over like this.

Posted by grrrrrrrrr

Wow, runkle got owned by that little shit!

Posted by Trish3809

I'm just not feeling it. Yeah, Becca's BF is a turd but so is Hank (or used to be). I don't care how he's played up now.

Posted by adarkangel26

oh god hanks in trouble now

Posted by hmmichael4141

sooo funnyyy lmao

Posted by Solo713

Thanks, always good to see somebody educating people with music.

Posted by CharcoalMocha57

Definitely worth checking out

Posted by crazy_emo_killer

hello aagin lets face it showtime rock! lol wot else do u watch ?

Posted by sessheomaru

oh karen...interesting lol

Posted by Finaldeath

I am so sick of Karen, she constantly pushes Hank away and when he starts to move on Karen decides she wants him and gets all pissy calling him an asshole. I just started watching this show a week or so ago and have watched every episode and love it, but this whole thing with Karen is seriously ruining the show.

Posted by fuelup

This is moving more onto the deep emotional road right now, which is good story content that is serious indeed, but can get messy. Hank isn't into party mode let's just say...

Posted by grrrrrrrrr

With a dozen roses, and your dick in a BOX!!! I love you hank.

Posted by samiis

Fu***************************ck no !!!! what a b***h ! she took away everything :/ now I'm f#*king Sad

Posted by PavloK

The first season of Cali fornication was irreplaceable, the plot was tight and the every episode was longer! David play more then a outstanding role playing mid-life Crises 'drama-queen', that is divided by his Lust for Woman and the reality of his Love for his daughter and WIfe! The Fact is that many people especially guys can feel related into his shoes! Honestly they should have quite the second season! It is too obvious that the show will stop if Henk gets back with his Wife and so they cant left that happen. Thats why Hank is still being a immoral man-whore at the Season 4. When will his torture stop??! I has become less enjoyable watching this Series, because unmistakably the writers creativity is just gone, they dont know how to bring new life into it! I give them respect for trying. Bringing in Hot Woman wont change a thing!

Posted by sessheomaru

what a lovely ending, what a lucky situation to be in too lol

Posted by GnosticTray

Getting beat up and all that...still gets the woman...

Posted by SLHampson

David Duchovney, sex, drugs, good music, the works?. Great show. Funny and sexy. 10/10

Posted by FlexRe


Posted by RogueRequest

Just started up the series again for the third time and I still love it. I really ought to buy it on Blu-Ray. I really loved the church scene.

Posted by Solo713

Never fails to entertain. Enjoy!!!

Posted by DutchAssessor

Yeah good old charlie.. missed his original wits :D

Posted by jj1342

not much happened till the end but nice ending to show ready for the last episode hopefully only for this season next week :) go hank! and im sure everyone will hate him for standing up for his daughter but oh well

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