Charmed (1998)

Charmed: The three Halliwell sisters discover that they are descendents of a line of female witches. Each has a special ability (stopping time, moving objects, seeing the future), and they can also combine their abilities into the "Power of Three" to fight demons, warlocks, and other evils.

  • Currently 6.70/10
(30976 votes)
Released: October 07, 1998
Runtime: 42 mins
Genres: Comedy Drama Fantasy Mystery Romance
Actors: Kaley Cuoco, Norman Reedus, Holly Marie Combs, Melissa George

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Charmed (1998) Comments

Posted by Lady_Jade

I've seen that same interview. Whether she was fired or left of her own accord doesn't negate the fact that it was a sudden departure, and it was because of that departure that the writers were put on the spot of how they could continue with one of the three leads now gone.

Posted by SilverDragon88

This show was awesome. My favourite character was Piper she was the best sister by far. 5/5

Posted by yang12

Poor paige really phobe got prue killed cause of dat cole and now she is ditching her sister cause of her only time i like her is when she is all childish and fun romance marriage is really not her..

Posted by SyFyfan88

This is one of my favorite time-traveling episodes. Love the "prison scene" and the Afro. ;)

Posted by metroboy24

LOL when Paige sends the Leprechaun to giver her boyfriend luck, and he wins 10,000 bucks. Hell she can send that little fucker my way with luck like that

Posted by kamui

piper is being so cute...

Posted by thomas_co2

Just finished the last episode, wow amazing show although i watched it and knew it was going to end i didn't want it to end. But like the fact that the finale answered all questing and didn't leave us on a cliff hangers. like this show and ghost whisperers. Great cast, Great writing, producing, and directing. All time favorite show

Posted by SyFyfan88


Posted by metroboy24

VERY well written episode

Posted by marija_marija

Sometimes I really miss this show ;D

Posted by kamui

it pains me to see Leo makes me want to hug him. He's so cute. i enjoyed this episode.

Posted by Bear91Xx

♥I've always loved Charmed. :D ♥

Posted by minnie_13

i love this show....=]

Posted by Alexmcdeere

It is still One of the best shows ever made..

Posted by metroboy24

Jenny McCarthy as an evil blond witch on Charmed? Awesome.

Posted by _vampire_lover

Gosh I remember watching this with my sister when we were kids. we would watch it every day. I miss those days.. epic show!

Posted by SyFyfan88

I don't like the avatars; they are my least favorite of all evils of every season.

Posted by vampwalker709

wtf doesnt phoebe get tired of being wrong she is so fucking stupid why didnt she leave the fucking show would have been way better

Posted by AngieMayhem

Cordelia from Angel as so much hotter and less flaky in her character here. Great show, without it we might not have had some of these other new shows.

Posted by Sci_Fi

Hmm, i think there may be a glitch here because, according to the website, there are 214748356 comment pages.

Posted by SyFyfan88

Love the Phoebe/Coop storyline. One of my favorite episodes, because of this storyline.

Posted by theworldmostwatch

The last episode is so funny....!!!!! best Ending Ever....but sad it over

Posted by yang12

Poor piper she has sch a great conscience gd episode shows wat lengths doctors can go to save people...

Posted by heyashaa

so glad they changed back because i couldn't stand the faking death thing it was stupid

Posted by imarkable

Loved this episode! was hoping for a better outcome at the ending..

Posted by metroboy24

lmao @ the "angel" Leo throwing the hand sign going "Rock on!" this show is funny, especially when they yell "Dude! Not cool!" at demons lol

Posted by dianacharmedrocks

haha any one else notice phoebe in the beginning where she is writing about cole...shes not even writing anything ?? loved this ep any way x

Posted by vampwalker709

Prue was the shit

Posted by SyFyfan88

This episode is one of my favorites! Has some LOL moments. (In comparison any reunion won't seem so bad ;).)

Posted by Queen_Mel

I love Charmed! I just finished watching the whole series! The ending is so beautiful! ^-^ I would definitely watch this again! :) 10/10

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