Doctor Who (2005)

Doctor Who: The continuing adventures of The Doctor, an alien time traveler - a Time Lord - from Gallifrey. Together with his companions they travel through time and space in the TARDIS, battling evil where they find it.

  • Currently 8.70/10
(61544 votes)
Released: 2005
Runtime: 71 mins
Genres: Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi Thriller Family
Actors: David Tennant, Hugh Bonneville, Iain Glen, Billie Piper

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Doctor Who (2005) Comments

Posted by thebigdee

now the doctor meets up with sarah jane smith and k9 this was a good episode to bring back old characters 9/10

Posted by thebigdee

the doctor is being hunted by a family of aliens that feed on life sources and the doctor must become human to avoid bein caught great episode 10/10

Posted by DreamCreatorCDD

that's because it plays in England first

Posted by thebigdee

Good episode glad to see it back on the telly once more. Saturday nights 6pm git in there 10/10

Posted by mrspepperpot

n0insaine........ you insensitive prick.

Posted by thebigdee

now meeting agather christie would be great except for the giant wasps 9/10

Posted by tombaker64

I hate it when people like you go on about Matt being crap. It's just because you're all butthurt about David Tennant leaving and can't get over it.

Posted by anonymous911

God this few last episodes are turning out to be disappointing where's Russell T. Davies when you need him.

Posted by NTtheLion

I want you to be known for that name... Cernal. Runaway!

Posted by MissAyla

Oh wow! Fantastic episode! :D

Posted by johpooper

@ emma The Great Intelligence first appeared The Abominable Snowmen, a 1967 story set in a remote Himalayan monastery

Posted by Pleione

David Tennant was a good Doctor, but so where a lot of others. People said the same thing 20 years ago, "it won't be the same with a new Doctor"...but they are wrong. Each new Doctor has always brought their own personality to the character, which keeps the show fresh. Matt has not only understood this, but has accomplished it flawlessly. I am a massive Doctor Who fan, and I can't wait to see what is in store.

Posted by mabiniss1

Wow. This episode was

Posted by thebigdee

can the doctor defeat satan? with the tardis lost and stuck 18 miles below the surface can the doctor pull this one off this episode is a good watch i give it 9/10

Posted by batbat29640

The english simply PWN on werewolves!!!

Posted by clarence15

i know that is one strong leaf to last that long. my mom kept a rose inside a book it was given to her by my dad she kept and i remember when i was 12 i opened it and touched it, it didn't crumble but it was very fragile like one strong breeze would destroy it. now on to your number 2 while it is true that he has so many memories but they said that leaf contained all possible future scenarios which could have happened or something like that and there are so many possible future scenarios

Posted by RedTriangle53

Complaining about david tennant is not original, people are just tired of seeing it absolutely everywhere. You do realize there were 9 doctors before him, and that he really isn't as important in the big picture as you would like him to be. He is not THE doctor.

Posted by 2smart4u

the dancing scene was hilarious doctor's dance is bizzare. Great episode

Posted by angelathestar

That guy was the perfect villain with his half-smile! Great two episodes!

Posted by clouisejohnr

Oh my gosh I'm crying so hard wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Posted by marillion

I have to say when Tennant left I kinda figured that whoever they brought in would have a hard time filling his shoes. Matt Smith and Moffat had a the proverbial deck kinda stacked against them and have come through it brilliantly. This has been perhaps my favorite season yet. Really looking forward to next Christmas !

Posted by levga2000

when will the new episode be out? I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

Posted by johpooper

The new companion is named "Clara" and will be played by Jenna Louise Coleman.

Posted by siskat

All I can say is OMG I want more Dr.who This christmas Special was amazing a Must watch for a Whovillian 10 out of 10 rating

Posted by Deslug

hmzz i dont like this episode

Posted by ruudong

just watched it on tv meah it was ok nothing special to be honest the next 1 looks interesting if your from englad u ca watch it on the bbc player

Posted by RiverSpirit

This series is amazing! I thank the site for posting these videos, else I'd have no access to them.

Posted by tombaker64

ihate the sun is a star *facepalm* the moon shone because of the light from the exploding TARDIS.

Posted by AhItsGoku

uhm i dont get it o.o

Posted by MissAyla

The most amazing episodes of Doctor Who. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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