South Park (1997)

South Park: South Park is an animated series featuring four foul-mouthed 4th graders, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show is set in the Colorado town of South Park where weird things keep happening, whether its being abducted by aliens or avoiding Kyle's little brother Ike. The show is based on the short film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, "The Spirit of Christmas".

Released: August 13, 1997

Genres: Animation Comedy Fantasy
Actors: Isaac Hayes, Kyle McCulloch, Kathryn Howell, Kief Davidson

  • Currently 8.80/10
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South Park (1997) Comments

Posted by seando123

suk my nuts

Posted by mobus

Great episode! Exposing the stupidity of the Left!

Posted by Hedonism_B0T

WHY are you people posting episode 504 "Scott Tenorman Must Die!" as episode 1704?!?!?!?!!?!?!??? ITS WRONG!!!!!!

Posted by UJewels3118

Yeah, I got the "Scott Tenorman Must Die" episode too. Must just be a mix up. :)

Posted by FOHengineer09

The episode will be aired next week, power outage at the studio didn't allow for the episode to meet its deadline

Posted by steadygettingblow

i dont think they even had an episode this week

Posted by promo89

Actually, the way I saw it, they were making fun of the extreme views of Republicans. If you haven't noticed, any time Cartman has extreme views on something, they are actually making fun of those who share those beliefs. They were showing just how extreme, uneducated, and silly their views are. Republicans seem to think that Democrats want to rely upon the government for everything, when in fact very few Democrats actually feel that way. They also seem to accuse the government of spying on everyone with absolutely no discrepancy between dangerous individuals and the rest of the US population. At the most, they do monitor the internet use of US citizens just not to the scope many accuse them of, paying careful attention to flag words, behaviors, and so on. They don't care whether you choose to go to your friend's house for a party over the weekend, or any of the other nonsense Republicans accuse them of wanting to monitor. And then, the whole play on religious belief systems really got to the point. If you didn't notice, they were using Christian beliefs and teachings when preaching about the government. They were using these teachings as an example of just how ridiculous Christian teachings really are. They took a text that, just like the Bible, didn't include any of the language spoken within Christian circles, and applied it anyway. It's just as ridiculous when applied to a DMV booklet as it is when applied to the Bible, since in neither case does the language relate to the text. When you see the world through the narrow eyes of a Christian/Republican, you're bound to not notice when you're the one being made fun of.

Posted by robz0x0

This has to be the best epi of season 17, fuckin awesome

Posted by 1world1country

Before this meeting starts, I have to let you know that my face has tested positive for queef sores :))

Posted by La_Beast

Why are my comments not posting?

Posted by Mihailo_Mimi

Winter is coming ....

Posted by Daimen

Gotta love SP

Posted by Pewdiepiefan1

Lol scooby doo.

Posted by dominusluna

Extremely funny. Michael Jackson, I mean Jefferson and his face-lift problems.

Posted by dominusluna

Absolutely hillarious.

Posted by dominusluna

This marklar is pretty marklar.

Posted by dominusluna

Most always a good show. A couple of the later seasons, I didn't like as much. Let's hope they get back on track.

Posted by dominusluna

Haha this one is so funny. N_GGERS. Butters: A midget? Once again political correctness run amok.

Posted by dominusluna

Hillary Clinton has a nuke up her snizz. A snuke.

Posted by dominusluna

I didn't like most of the last 2 seasons. Reverse Cowgirl and Jewbacabra were ok maybe a few others. 1-15 couldn't be any better. That's just me. I hope they haven't lost their touch. I hope Season 18 returns to the greatness it was.

Posted by dominusluna

Cartman is a ridiculously spoiled little c*nt like always but he is innovative, got to give him that. This is the first of a few episodes that fit together and it doesn't get much funnier.

Posted by dominusluna

Season 11 Episode 4 , in the style of 24's Jack Bauer, Hilly Clinton has a snuke up her snizz and time is running out. Cartmen uses huge farts to gag information from two of the main suspects.

Posted by dominusluna

Season 17 Episode 9. The Game of Thrones Trilogy/Black Friday,South Park style.

Posted by Blue_rider

Yeah you're right about one thing dominusluny you can't argue with a sick mind and you are so obviously sick. Enough said I'm not wasting any more time on a sick troll like you other than to suggest you seek help instead of getting your thrills trolling.

Posted by dominusluna2

Just watch South Park and forget all your troubles. And when you yank it, forget about other people's "shortcomings" and concentrate on your own. It's all a game and I love to play with your head and offend you with simple truths (you know who you are.) Now grab that S&M magazine or video and get busy. Grow a pair first. I'll stick with South Park.

Posted by dominosluna2

I'm so sorry for foaming at the mouth again, I forgot my medication. I have fantasies about cartman bending over

Posted by dominusluna2

As funny as it it is I have someone using my name you enjoys looking at Cartman's ass and other perverse things. I guess it gets their rocks off. Check the spelling someone is trying to clone me , badly. They probably jerk off fantasizing about me. That would be my guess. I do have a picture of the liberal demonic messiah obama but it's spelled "dominusluna2" compared to their "dominosluna2". Someone is apparently acting out their fantasies using a derivative of my name, so be sure to give them credit and not me. A low-life with no-life I suppose. I have to guess that they are queer for me and need me for comfort. Who's to say?

Posted by dominusluna2

For the confused episodes, you look at the episode that it shows.They are just reversed. If #1 is #7 then #7 is #1. Makes it much easier, I just figured it out on a fluke/brainstorm. Reversed them and got the right episode.

Posted by dominusluna

A 1/16th Jewish Indian or Native American calling them "his people" is pretty rich. Blaming the Pilgrims for everything leaving out the slaughters that the Indians took part on the settlers. My family coming from Oklahoma I probably have more Indian blood than he does and in my early 20's I married a Creek and Seminole Indian girl. This guy is just a joke with a liberal mindset to keep the race-baiting alive like Jessie Jackson and the other liars. The Indians did get screwed but they've also been well compensated. There are reservations and casinos not far from where I live and I see Indians most every time I leave home. Some still hold a grudge and choose to live with a chip on their shoulder. It's a shame they want to be miserable when they don't need to be. Back on topic, I don't consider a 1/16th Indian who's Jewish to be an Indian. It's ridiculous, though he does get his just rewards. Which is cool lol.

Posted by cupcakefury

ehh not so good at all,instead doin crappy ep,they should focus on dlc`s for south park game

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