The Mentalist (2008)

The Mentalist: After a serial killer named Red John murdered Patrick Jane's wife and daughter, Jane dedicated his life to hunting down and killing Red John. To that end he gave up his lucrative pretense of being a psychic and joined the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as a consultant to the team responsible for investigating the Red John case, led by Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon. Using Jane's exceptional gift for observation and his mentalist tricks, the team is able to close an unprecedented number of cases, but Jane's unconventional and often outright illegal methods also bring much censure down on Lisbon's head, making his assistance both a blessing and a curse. Meanwhile, the hunt for Red...

  • Currently 7.90/10
(56654 votes)
Released: 2008
Runtime: 43 mins
Genres: Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
Actors: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Robin Tunney, Malcolm McDowell, Missi Pyle

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The Mentalist (2008) Comments

Posted by devoid404

Just like what Jane always says, interesting...

Posted by Sir_Boris

Brilliant episode don't think the plot line is over yet got a feeling the poison that is Volker runs very deep and involves more than the evil Brenda but then again I could be wrong

Posted by Sir_Boris

Really good episode as usual looks like the bored child has been round again down marking everyone's comments wish they would grow up and crawl away under a stone everyone is entitled to their own perspective and none of the comments marked down are spoilers or irrelevant

Posted by Sir_Boris

Good episode like how it fills in some of the blanks

Posted by Sir_Boris

Different interesting manipulation Jane needs to be careful he doesn't play with the wrong people

Posted by Sir_Boris

Brilliant love the cheating clever very clever

Posted by Sir_Boris

You need to watch it again and pay more attention before You post comments that amount to spoilers

Posted by Sir_Boris

Love it Jane is such a smooth operator

Posted by Sir_Boris

Love the mind games Jane is a star

Posted by Sir_Boris

BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jewry

It has to be Bret Stiles, I mean the guy practically has Red John's smiley face drawn on his forehead.

Posted by Jewry

yeah i totally agree especially about crazy phsyco chicks lol

Posted by Jewry

Knew RJ would kill her but it's still sad, Jane it's time to go badass.

Posted by Jewry

Great episode, Rigsby chose all the women that have red hair like Van Pelt, he's never moving on.

Posted by Jewry

"You date pregnant hookers and your dinosaur eats grass" lol

Posted by gman713 too...

Posted by gman713

Excellent episode!!! Intense from start to finish!

Posted by Joe666

Its the same on every site i`ve tried,plays the wrong episode,or something completely different.

Posted by Lolalash

awesome episode. One of the best. Had me crying by the end

Posted by motanul

air date December 31, 1969 hmmmm "_"

Posted by moviefan543

She's pregnant, so yeah.

Posted by forza_juve98

why is episode 6 the same as episode 5 maybe a glitch.

Posted by NottinghamWench

That was one of the best Mentalist shows I've seen yet....major nice twist at the end! :D

Posted by Piquerish

The charm of this program never seems to falter. Tim Kang (Cho) better take care, though. If his shirt sleeves ever give way, the cast and crew could be wounded by flying thread-shrapnel. Seriously, he does need to back away from those doughnuts, and soon. As to Red John, I like Van Pelt for it -- on scene, in the know, crafty, totally unexpected, and ... well, red hair. Or not.

Posted by Piquerish

Grace (Amanda Righetti) is not pregnant. She WAS, and gave birth to a little boy they named Knox Addison.

Posted by Piquerish

The first scene, the crash and view of the body ... Evelyn McHale, May 1, 1947 ... the sad mystery never to be solved ... may choirs of angels sing to her and help her to rest in peace.

Posted by Piquerish

Great and intriguing show, as always. Congrats to Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) ... it

Posted by Piquerish

What an engaging, intriguing, fabulous yarn this series is! It's almost perfection in its casting, acting, writing, filming and producing. It helps me enjoy it even more since I attended two colleges in Sacramento (ARC and CSUS) and knew several of the County Sheriff deputies and city police. Those were some fun days and they were really decent men and women. AND ... if I'm writing this series, Red John would turn out to be a woman. Just sayin.

Posted by Protester

thats right. if u dont lock ur door thrs nothing wrong with ppl stealing ur stuff, right?

Posted by kpm7

Had the same frustration - just noticed the air date is 11/17/13....

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