Two and a Half Men: The Harper brothers Charlie and Alan are almost opposites but form a great team. They have little in common except their dislike for their mundane, maternally cold and domineering mother, Evelyn. Alan, a compulsively neat chiropractor and control-freak, is thrown out by his manipulative wife Judith who nevertheless gets him to pay for everything and do most jobs in the house. Charlie is a freelance jingle composer and irresistible Cassanova who lives in a luxurious beach-house and rarely gets up before noon. Charlie "temporarily" allows Alan and his son Jake, a food-obsessed, lazy school kid who shuttles between his parents, to move in with them after Alan's separation/divorce. The sitcom...

  • Currently 7.00/10
(85991 votes)
Released: September 22, 2003
Runtime: 22 mins
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen, Miley Cyrus, April Bowlby

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Two and a Half Men (2003) Comments

Posted by movie4fun

It was better than expected,But still missing Charlie!

Posted by angelathestar

At this point this show must be losing money.. Its horrible!

Posted by angelathestar

Wow they went there! Just when you think they are finally doing right by charlie sheen, you realize they still have a huge grudge against him. what petty little fockers!

Posted by AriesMatt

Funniest episode I've seen in a while. They even made a dig at Charlie Sheen. Hilarious!

Posted by army1959

poor allen strikes out again stop using coupons

Posted by army1959

this was a hillbilly show all the way ha ha ha !!!!!

Posted by army1959

got to love that rose

Posted by army1959

ok kinda funny 4 guy whine fest

Posted by army1959

the musical part $ucked this show is going down hill fast

Posted by army1959

could have spent a half hour better

Posted by army1959

`this is going to blow up in his face

Posted by army1959

hell i am old and broke why cant i find a girl like that

Posted by army1959

april and lindsay bong dam

Posted by army1959

it was the funniest one yet

Posted by army1959

i love that miley but i wish she would grow that hair back

Posted by army1959

the psycho is back dum dum dum

Posted by army1959

i haven't laugh this hard in a long time miley was great in this however i hate that dam haircut of hers she looks like a long haul trucker but still love her !!

Posted by army1959

poor Alan does not have a clue !!!

Posted by Blackanator218

This one was a good one, especially compared to the other ones in the season.

Posted by Blackanator218

Finally, a moment that they mention one of Ashton's previous roles. Dude Wheres My Car?

Posted by desutoroya

this was a good one. i laughed a few times. i liked the downton abbey one. and the charlie sheen one. and berta. and a few other things i dont remember. i usually didnt like herb that much, but now he is getting much better!

Posted by desutoroya

rose killed charlie.

Posted by desutoroya

FUCK rose, i hate her so much! she is not funny, she just makes me angry.

Posted by desutoroya

i hate rose. its just repeating all over again. so annoying. and lame. and i think alan is funny. oh and berta is actually the funniest, she should get more lines.

Posted by desutoroya

only compared to the last season was this episode pretty funny. i was laughing several times.

Posted by geminicw

too funny... god i love this show :)

Posted by fabbyking

looks like the makers are a fan of californication

Posted by malaysiaboy

I haven't watch any episode featuring Ashton Kutcher bt i think the peak of the series was wen Charlie Sheen was in it. Tat's an undeniable fact. His lazy n funny character can't b replaced.

Posted by michealval

alen gets left again

Posted by michealval

funny episode good show

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