Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild: Based on a true story. After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandoned his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters who shape his life.

  • Currently 8.20/10
(229030 votes)
Released: September 01, 2007
Runtime: 148 mins
Genres: Adventure Biography Drama
Actors: Vince Vaughn, Jena Malone, Zach Galifianakis, Emile Hirsch

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Into the Wild (2007) Comments

Posted by subbu2005

inspirational and portrays the simplicity and purity of human heart will not regret watching it ..if into philosophical stuff..8/10

Posted by noidontknowyou

Very meaningful and touching at the meantime, makes you think and wonder about yourself and your life...!! High moral values as well.. Very Good movie 9/10 :))

Posted by doublekk

This movie for me proves that Sean Penn has the ability to direct a good movie, it had a good story, good characters and good scenery. 7.4/10 This movie has a good cast apart from Kristen Stewart but that doesn't matter because she isn't in it for that long so yay:D I didn't know the full real story so I didn't know what was going to happen in the end and let's just say it was a good ending and one I really did not see coming at all.

Posted by Crazystoner

Maybe to die was his plan all alone. To find a place to spend the rest of eternity. How to you reform to society's needs of you after such an adventure. How do you live up to expectations when all you want to do is explore the mysteries of the world. I think he just wanted to see how far he could get with $0.

Posted by uhuhbigfan

Great flick. Definately worth watching.All I did was see the movie. I didn't read the book, nor did I do a background check and conduct a fact finding mission to make sure the movie was truly the truth and I'm not going to.I'm glad that the writers made the movie worth watching!!! Everyone is so quick to jump on the "Its not what the book said" or "It's not true to the documentary" or "I know the guys cousin's step brother by marriage twice removed and they said......." bandwagon condemning the movie to the garbage heap with total disregard that if the movie was true to form it would have been a straight to DVD flop and none of us would have watched it!!! Investors expect a profit and the truth don't sell. How much did the documentary make anyway? Anyways, great job fellas. I truly enjoyed the movie and recommend watching it to everyone. 4.5 outta 5 from me.

Posted by backroad_420

Powerful movie, but he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I see where people see things through his eyes and can relate. I had a bad childhood too, I wish I could shrug responsibilities and escape. I would never turn away from those I cared for and needed me, like his sister needed him. It's easy to point fingers and run from life. It takes guts to face your problems and live life.

Posted by MSJewelryAU

One of my all-time favorite movies! The fact it's a true story makes it even better! 9.5/10

Posted by Whosebodo

my thoughts exactly, the time with the old man was touching, a truly epic story!

Posted by en0nym0us

Best movie ever! 5/5

Posted by GentiSMB

really good but i didnt like the ending 9/10

Posted by MilenaNena

SPOILER !!! stupid fuck!

Posted by wolfgarr

Lets use some common sense here people.. This guys death was a direct consequence of his failure to properly prepare.. Do you people seriously think he is some sort of roll model? Stupidity should never become something to be proud of. The movie in a nutshell = Guy goes out in the woods without any sort of proper precautions and gets himself killed. End of story.. Tragic yes.. something to look up too or admire?? Hell no. This should be placed in the educational films section under (what not to do)..

Posted by Whosebodo

First thought the movie was great but do agree somewhat about romanticizing he was warned what would happen along the way and when he got there, have looked up a few things on the actual story and it could have ended differently if he knew the area better, but an incredible journey nonetheless

Posted by larrydaw

A life-teaching movie! I was almost gonna give-up because it was too long, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Like he eventually scribbled, "happiness can only be shared," so also are problems solved when shared. Running away from problems only makes them complicated. The only way-out is to confront them.

Posted by aishaolga

Great movie.....

Posted by lian4ix

Very strong movie, touches even more when it says - based on true story. But somehow it's just too much for my civilian mind. It's all very nice and original, but I could never accept that. Can't agree with main oppinion - inspiring. Because for me it is not. But it was interesting to watch. Veeery nice surprise from Emile Hirsch acting. 8/10 - most of it just because there really was man named Chris McCandless and he went through all this and told this story to us.

Posted by kingcue

wow such a powerful movie

Posted by uduD

It's a great story, and knowing that it was "real", it becomes even more interesting. In my opinion, he did mess up in many things around his adventure, specially regarding to the ones that he left around the way and loved him. He should've done what the "old man" spoke of, forgiveness. He had his idea of love and life, but should've considered the other's ideas and feelings, too. It looked like his sister loved him more than anything, and his parents, wow, they're parents, they mess up, but they can't live without us. I think of life as a "formula", involving faith in God, love, family, experience, travel, and other things. In my opinion, we can't run from these things, and if we do run, they always catch up. The end of the movie made me guess about the outcome of the his parents, the "old man", the trailer couple, Wayne, I hope there is another source to these outcomes.

Posted by Bieke

One of the best movies i have ever seen, definitely one to watch

Posted by jibbyhoo

8/9 out of 10. Really makes you think, worth a watch! In my favourites but depends on your personality completely.

Posted by pascos

Great film, sad and poignant with some funny moments too. Amazing scenery too.

Posted by camillamaj

I really love this movie, it makes me think about life, and all it contains.

Posted by LikelyLady

All these people saying how inspiring and wonderful .... HELLO - HE ONLY SURVIVED FOR 2 MONTHS!!! THEY FOUND HIM DEAD

Posted by Adeorex

Felt the same way,hit me hard right when he wrote the 'happiness' note in his copy of Tolstoy...

Posted by blueeyes_af

I didn't ignore it, it showed it. And there was a picture of a picture he had taken including a detailed diary so it's probably pretty accurate to how he felt about his death.

Posted by Krystyne

Much more to life than working and money. Those who do not grasp this concept are SHEEP. fuck the machine! peace and love.

Posted by DBSKx

i just don't get his massege why would someone leave everything behind and go to the the wild and end up dying ? this is just beyond stupid

Posted by QuiteDrunk

what a beautiful journey

Posted by 2ndKingDavid

This must be one of the most profound movies I've ever seen. I don't think Sean Penn made a hero out of McCandless - he marvelously portrayed his character from beginning to the end. He makes you to understand his choices but also teaches you that every choice has a price. This story is a great moral for fathers and sons altogether; depicts family crisis, rebellion, search for freedom and happiness on a way that few artist could. By the way the plot is totally engaging, the script is really witty and deep. Emile Hirsch gave a brilliant performance. And the soundtrack should not be forgotten either... 9/10

Posted by Khtulu

Just can`t find the words to describe how awesome this movie is.

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