Kill Bill: Vol. 2: The murderous Bride is back and she is still continuing her vengeance quest against her ex-boss, Bill, and taking aim at Bill's younger brother Budd and Elle Driver, the only survivors from the squad of assassins who betrayed her four years earlier. It's all leading up to the ultimate confrontation with Bill, the Bride's former master and the man who ordered her execution!

  • Currently 8.00/10
(326829 votes)
Released: 2004
Runtime: 137 mins
Genres: Action Crime Drama Thriller Mystery
Actors: Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Daryl Hannah, David Carradine

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Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) Comments

Posted by Deesazter

It got on my nerves... It was way too slow. 4/10

Posted by gdkool

I was shouting dont bury her shoot her in the head or something, finish her off, clasic bad guy error

Posted by GameAmy

Wanted to cry when Bill _____.

Posted by ZombieKillerXXX

I watch both Vol 1 and 2 last night and they are both still as good as they were when they came out back in 2003/2004. If you haven't seen these movies I would highly recommend checking them out. They won't disappoint. I'd give this 4.5/5 stars, great movie!!

Posted by Zenspider

Good movie though Kill Bill might have been better as one long film.

Posted by chinaeyess

If you are looking for a non stop action? You dont want to miss this movie. two thumbs up!!!

Posted by MissAyla

I'm saying that long dialogue is to be expected in any Quentin Tarantino film, it's just his way. That's all. Also - could you not accuse me of rating your comments down? I never rate comments down unless they are spam and that's the only reason so getting your friends to mark my karma down simply because you jumped to conclusions is really quite childish. I hope to never have the displeasure of talking with you again. To this day - despite your accusations I haven't marked one of your comments down.

Posted by tribro

Wow all through the films ive been on Beatrixes side but give Bill a chance to speak and im suddenly rooting for him..... i feel so sorry for the guy

Posted by cool215

Great director and best acting of uma thurman.10/10

Posted by haze158

very good movie. revenge is indeed sweet. 10/10

Posted by ninthninja

One of the best american produced martial arts films ever - 10/10

Posted by selrahc77

I freaking love this movie, i need to find me an Hatori Hanzo 5/5

Posted by gdkool

These movies get better when put together.

Posted by SamCrow

nasterpiece continued

Posted by asdfenwick

prefered the vol. 1 but this one still lives up to the standard of the first. Different format to the first but helps to tie all the loose ends up. 4/5

Posted by Dscaggs

8/10 for the Kill Bill series.

Posted by proana

Wow......great ending, it's so sweet. Just as good as the first! Amazing story and acting. I love Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman! Very entertaining and original movie. Can't get bored watching this. 5/5!!!!!

Posted by WuTangGambino

I CANT wait for KB 3 is gunna be so fucking EPIC!!!!

Posted by doublekk

I just love David Carradine's monologue about Superheroes and alter egos! Just like the first one the soundtrack is fantastic, as is the dialogue and the fight scenes. This one isn't as good as the first one and there is less action in this but it's still a well put together movie:) 7.5/10 Also Michael Parks' dialogue as Esteban Vihaio is great too, I love the way he talks in that scene! Michael Madsen also has a larger role so that's good. Oh and Samuel L. Jackson has a little role as well, I hear the subtitles bother some people but not me! I feel like it adds something more the movie but I'm not entirely sure what:L I would love to see a third installment but I doubt that it's going to happen:/

Posted by YoungMovieGuy

Kill Bill Vol. 3 is coming out in 2014

Posted by asdfenwick

i laugh my head off everytime pai mei strokes and whips his beard hahaha

Posted by MissAyla

To complain about a Quentin Tarantino film because it has more dialogue than action is like moaning because a rap artists music is all rap.

Posted by RMT197

I love Quentin Terantino films. There amazing, and so interesting and epic!

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