Children of Men: The world's youngest citizen has just died at 18, and humankind is facing the likelihood of its own extinction. Set in and around a dystopian London fractious with violence and warring nationalistic sects, Children of Men follows the unexpected discovery of a lone pregnant woman and the desperate journey to deliver her to safety and restore faith for a future beyond those presently on Earth.

  • Currently 7.90/10
(249446 votes)
Released: December 25, 2006
Runtime: 109 mins
Genres: Adventure Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors: Charlie Hunnam, Michael Caine, Julianne Moore, Ed Westwick

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Children of Men (2006) Comments

Posted by VictorMouta

Great film, amazing story. Superb acting and incredible action sequences. This movie has one of the most touching scenes in the history of cinema: a life stopping a war. I totally recommend it, wonderful film.

Posted by Harrier

Quite depressing what could be if this really ever happened. Clive Owen excelled in his role. 3/5

Posted by RiskyProcedure

Not impressed with this at all. Horrible concept. A lot of time wasted, both in the movie and in real life. 2/5. The Divide is much better.

Posted by krga94a

All I have to say is I.N.TENSE! 5/5. Very powerful movie.

Posted by ashlandvillain

its good as f-word I have the dvd and certainly going to watch again cause i kinda forgot what it was about lol but its real good guaranteed

Posted by cipriana

The message behind this film is very intense. It

Posted by spider6969

This isnt a bad film, Michael caine as usual was fantastic even if it was only a small part. 6/10

Posted by proana

Amazingly original film! And you know, in the future, this could really happen, with all the pollutants in the world, who knows! This is a MUST SEE, the acting and story were astonishing. 5/5.

Posted by deerwatcher65

this was a good movie not what i thought it was going to be like. it.s a good movie for all to watch not kids though.this movie shows the worst in people and the best.

Posted by xeonzs

Such a good movie, just rewatched it, very strong story, definitely recommend this, 9/10

Posted by Rullar

Not bad, Clive Owen is good, Michael Caine is funny & film has good storyline. 6.6/10 - not quite as good as IMDb rating of 8 sayz it is though.

Posted by Voxoner

I recommend it, by far a movie that makes you wonder of the "What if this were to be true?" scenario. A must watch if you are into the future of tomorrow.

Posted by TheComedyQueen

I wanted to like this film more than I did. It was good but I felt it was lacking something to make it great. Nonetheless, it was a nicely shot and there was a great cast.

Posted by firedove10

This movie is insane and haunting. You will want to know what happens next. It's a crazy thought to know that the human race will be gone in about 70 years; it's even crazier to see what people do to cope with it. This movie is worth every second of your time. Do watch.

Posted by CABLE524

this was good, wow what if this really happened? what would man kind do...?!

Posted by MilenaNena

The concept of the story is very interesting, never thought of something like that. I liked this movie, Clive Owen played his role very good. 8/10

Posted by bassman1961

Don't know why half liked this and half did not? Guess which half I'm in. 8/10

Posted by Ladysturn

Made it through to the end...But what end??? Movie was action, thriller due to 'she MUST live' but I'm not going to recommend it. It was well done, but watch it at UR own risk..... 4/5 star for set-up, acting,story

Posted by isinha17

i expected more from de movie :( 8/10

Posted by scifi_fan1

Watched many times, is in my top 5 movies ever.

Posted by moviefan73

If you like apocalypse style movies then you'll love this. A good watch 8/10.

Posted by tribute

not a bad film, a must to watch.

Posted by MrGutsy

8/10 this movie is more about story than action. if your hear looking for pure action Shoot'em'up then you may not like this.

Posted by trillionaire

What a weird movie.

Posted by xeonzs

Giving this a watch, friend recommended it, lets hope it is as good as he said it is :)

Posted by Sean_john

NICE DRAMA type of movie

Posted by adlinbaby

I looove this movie! Especially the ending :)

Posted by Al_The_Killer

I really enjoyed watching this. It has been a lil while but I remembered liking it so I will recommened giving it a shot.

Posted by BraveStoner

This movie moved me... 10/10

Posted by aubrey8025

intense in some parts..not clear about the human project though..ending could have been better.

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