Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: In Los Angeles, whilst being chased by police officers, thief Harry Lockhart finds himself in a movie audition where he is mistaken for a actor, auditioning for a role in a detective film. Harry attends a party where he reunites with childhood friend Harmony Faith Lane, who is acting in Beer commercials and wants to make it to the big time and act in Hollywood movies and Harry also meets gay private detective Perry Van Shrike. When Perry discovers a dead body and Harmony's sister commits suicide, Perry decides to involve Harry in the investigation and Harry decides to play along and pretend he is a detective. Investigating the case, Harry and Perry become suspicious of the party guests...

  • Currently 7.70/10
(143562 votes)
Released: September 11, 2005
Runtime: 103 mins
Genres: Comedy Crime Mystery Thriller Action
Actors: Robert Downey Jr., Ariel Winter, Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Comments

Posted by neelheel

Im a big RDJ fan but this film did nothing for me when I watched it, I didnt find it funny and I found alot of it cliche.

Posted by Wjennings246

Very funny movie! The perfect movie to watch on a holiday afternoon when you want to laugh a lot. 7.5 / 10

Posted by einrthm

This was so lame..!!..Waste of time..!!

Posted by sugarpack

I laughed so hard watching this movie! Robert Downey Jr. + Val Kilmer were so awesome. I want to see them work together again. 9/10!

Posted by Peaches345

This is a really fun, quirky movie that really shines thanks to the amazing RDJ. Give it a watch for sure.

Posted by Fan64

I love this movie funny 10/10

Posted by borhan48

I expected a lot, but it disappointed me. :(

Posted by gulchman

what the heck are you trying to say

Posted by anne_tekenfan

nice movie, verry funny :) 10/7

Posted by proana

A great, and surprisingly entertaining movie! It was very funny and had really great acting, and a super awesome story! It's worth a watch...4/5 for me.

Posted by AMYYYY

This must have been the movie that propelled Robert Downey Jr. to stardom and cemented his place in Hollywood as a bankable actor! This movie encapsulated the essence of stoic humor which thoroughly kept me entertained.

Posted by ironman4evr

great movie, it was so funny and was a pleasure watching it. robert downey jr and val kilmer make a great duo

Posted by redfive

Very good Movie. Downey and Kilmer worked in this. I would definitely recommend it as 1 to watch.

Posted by xdupedx

A decent a movie, never watched it when it came out and figured give a try. Worth a watch, not a fave but would recommend it as something to watch.

Posted by conksmith12

very funny,, great watch

Posted by AMYYYY

Thanks for the information jenncraignwills +K for you XD qazw is absolutely right!

Posted by InsanityIsMySoul

You guys realise that Kilmer+RDJ are Batman and Iron man? The fact that they're in the same movie is pretty awesome! Also the acting is superb and I just love the humor and the acting. The plotline is interesting as well, would recommend even with the strange humor 8.7/10

Posted by Valdentia

This movie isn't overly serious. I found the narration by Robert Downey Jr throughout where the movie would stop mid-story quite, well... unusual but enjoyed that aspect still. Perfect for Downey to say some witty lines. 4/5 movie, I'd recommend it.

Posted by raven13

Awesome movie, Kilmer friggin' owned this. 4 out of 5.

Posted by OG4GP

in one word... cute.

Posted by Just2nice

Watching it realized it see this in bits and pieces see the whole movie now pretty story

Posted by CABLE524

Downey Jr. & Kilmer great team. forrest whitaker is not in this film.

Posted by malaysiaboy

4rm the beginning 2 the end,the movie was funny,witty n all their performance were perfect n enjoyable. Tis type of movie is very little n i think the director had sm great ideas. He was careful in selecting the correct actors 2. I wish Val Kilmer stayed tis way until nw. Michelle Monaghan is always smoking hot. Most of Robert Downey Jr. narration tat breaks the fourth wall was very funny n the action scene in the end is way better than the ones in sm big budget movies. Overall,it's a great movie n rarely a movie tis good is made.

Posted by lagginswag

quirky rdj does good in it. a good crime/ mystery thriller.. glassjaw has an album of the same name and we get to see shannyns tits! A+

Posted by lilhippiechick

I loved it!! Very entertaining, great acting, great script, lots of action and good laughs. I recommend this movie to all my friends and in fact watched it a second time with a friend just because I wanted to share it, and found I loved it just as much the second time. A must see film. I give it 5 outta 5 stars

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