Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: An adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel of the same name. The film details a whacky search for the "American Dream", by Thompson and his crazed, Samoan lawyer. Fueled by the massive amount of drugs they purchased with an advance from a magazine to cover a sporting event in Vegas; they set out in the Red Shark. Encountering police, reporters, gamblers, racers, and hitchhikers; they search for some undefinable thing know only as the "American Dream" and find fear, loathing and hilarious adventures into the dementia of the modern American West.

  • Currently 7.80/10
(171373 votes)
Released: May 22, 1998
Runtime: 118 mins
Genres: Drama Fantasy Adventure Comedy
Actors: Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz, Ellen Barkin, Christopher Meloni

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Comments

Posted by Needredbull

Great film, always reminds me of the song Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold

Posted by Christopsy

This movie had me at "Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection,the tendency is to push it as far as you can." This is a journey every film connoisseur should take. 10/10

Posted by einrthm

Strongly Recommended to watch it when you are High..!!..Best movie ever..!!

Posted by Shawnkells

The staggering amount of stupidity on this page is enough to make the dead laugh! Long Live Hunter S. Thompson and may the rest of you vile scum get yours soon.

Posted by Sanity

Best Movie Period ....

Posted by emer_h

I have lost count at the amount of times I've watched this movie! Never get bored of it definitely one of my favourite films. Johnny Depp, what an unbelievable actor he can pull off anything!

Posted by ptyes

It has been my fav for ever now.

Posted by cruhst

you got to love this movie!

Posted by billdritt

Ive seen this movie a million times, & die laughing EVERY TIME! 5 of 5!

Posted by SomethingWiddy

When a movie about tripping makes you think you're tripping yourself, you know it's well made. It's almost scary at some points, and makes you wonder how good this movie gets if you're high watching it. The soundtrack should also be mentioned. 3/5.

Posted by Alexcia8808

It make my weirdo list lol loved it and I watched it with and without creativity helpings n_~ 10/10

Posted by 6357brussell

Awesome movie!!! One of my all-time favorites. With J.D., B.D.T., and H.S.T. how could you ever go wrong? 10/10!!!

Posted by spider6969

R.I.P. Hunter S Thompson. Good film and I suggest reading some of Thompson's books...Very funny!

Posted by Conwaypk

AMAZING acting. Weird movie, which is what made it so damn good.

Posted by royaltyguy

JD did a great job in this movie. loved it. 5/5

Posted by adesone

one of the great men of our times

Posted by holdemnutz

I love how this movie brings back my half-memories in vegas and how much the hotel staff looked after my friends and I, no matter how messed up we got. There and a cruiseline is probably the only place you can go and not have to worry about how trashed you get. One hotel transported a couple of our incapacitated friends back to our hotel across town without question. This movie is based on a true story which should be able to make it an 11/10 instead of 10/10. Top 5 all time.

Posted by KvoRiot

MrGreed, you are so close minded and ignorant. You don't need to be a drug addict to enjoy this movie. Also to say this movie doesn't have a story or a point to it than you really know nothing about movies, and rather than paying attention to the details that can make a movie beautiful in it's own way, you look to only the simple little things like the fact the this movie had a lot of drugs in it. To say there's no story is simply dumb on your part. The story is obvious. As for the point of this movie, the whole message was that they were looking for the American dream and found nothing but fear and loathing. I hate how simple minded people can be sometimes... I'm not saying you have to like the movie, but you might as well not try to critique any movie ever because you know nothing about the art of film, all you know is the Hollywood regurgitated bullshit that's fed to you over and over again and for some reason you and a large population of people continue to eat it up. The reason I am replying to you with so much is because I saw one of your comments on another movie and wanted to look at the rest, and this just made me want to say something. So whether you end up reading this or not it doesn't matter I just wanted to say it. So anyway about the movie. I wouldn't say this is my favorite movie iever, but it's a great movie with great acting and a great message. I would definetley say it's worth a watch. 9/10

Posted by alexm68

THIS MOVIE MAKES MY TOP 5 EVER .spread the word u gotta see this nuff said

Posted by thebigdee

This film was amazing johnny depp played an excellant part top class movie 10/10

Posted by D1314

R.I.P. Hunter S Thompson. Johnny Depp plays the part so well , he can truely morph into the character in question, This movie is one of my favourires , allways has allways will. "Somebody tell me about the fucking golfshoes!"

Posted by kingkrule

definitely one of my favorites.

Posted by palsarmir

The best of Johnny Depp's and Benicio Del Torro's Characters,they have ever played!Thank God Hunter S Thompson wrote the Novel!That made it possible to make this awesome flick!Its funny how H.S.Thompson "Committed Suicide"right before finishing the Fiction about the US Government had been involved with the 9-11 WTC Attacks!He also chosen the time when his Son,Daughter in law and Grandson were visiting him!Right I'm sure!Unfortunately now days great ppl whom voice their opinions about how rotten our Governments are,getting taken out by the,federal Killing Squads!5/5 for the Film it's Awesome!!!

Posted by raffy

not that good.. but5 johnny deep is is always great!..

Posted by az12345

just because its weird and trippy dosent make it good 4/10

Posted by asdfenwick

one big trip. This was absolutely great, especially with Johnny Depp narrating 4/5

Posted by Weedzki

This movie are great ! Johnny depp is the shiiit

Posted by cjames22dox

lolz i remember my days as a drugged out spaz... sort of XD glad i didn't do any permanent damage to my brain.

Posted by manhammer

Clasic movie jonny depp at his best.

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