Twelve Monkeys: An unknown and lethal virus has wiped out five billion people in 1996. Only 1% of the population has survived by the year 2035, and is forced to live underground. A convict (James Cole) reluctantly volunteers to be sent back in time to 1996 to gather information about the origin of the epidemic (who he's told was spread by a mysterious "Army of the Twelve Monkeys") and locate the virus before it mutates so that scientists can study it. Unfortunately Cole is mistakenly sent to 1990, six years earlier than expected, and is arrested and locked up in a mental institution, where he meets Dr. Kathryn Railly, a psychiatrist, and Jeffrey Goines, the insane son of a famous scientist and virus expert.

  • Currently 8.10/10
(284110 votes)
Released: December 27, 1995
Runtime: 129 mins
Genres: Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors: Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Christopher Plummer, Christopher Meloni

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Twelve Monkeys (1995) Comments

Posted by tbc

dont forget last boy scout and die hard :)

Posted by emer_h

haven't seen this film in years still enjoyed it worth a watch

Posted by trillionaire

OMG that was sick in a good way. Brad Pitt was so good I never realized it was him until my friend below pointed it out. It had a clock work orange ring to it. LOL even virtigo got a place in it.

Posted by MansPresley

i saw this in 2002 but i never got it! now i'm gonna watch it again

Posted by diehardgolfer

im not much on brad pitt but this had bruce in it and it was a really good sci fi thriller. worth watching.

Posted by waysted

one of my favorite movies. good time jumping twisty plot. also one of Brad Pitts best roles next to Seven of course

Posted by grrrrrrrrr

What a classic film, I loved it as a teen. Love it still, brad pitt is fantastic in this!!

Posted by arwen44

Brad Pitt's acting really made this movie. Hated the ending but lots of action and sci-fy theme. Really great movie!

Posted by jpinfl

Excellent movie; because it's a very good plot and ha! its Bruce Willis so a good combo here. It appears that some sort of psychotropic drug is administered to help in becoming mentally divergent (ha ha its in the movie) anyway he does mentally and physically transport himself to the past to prevent a catastrophic viral release that destroys most of man kind. A must watch for sci-fi fans 10/10

Posted by proana

I love psychological thrillers, they are probably my favorite genre. This was an amazing film. Words cannot describe how great it is. Crazy story, and nice acting. I could watch this so many times that it isn't even funny:) Must see. 5/5.

Posted by TheKingSlayer

Awesome movie. If you are a sci fi fan and have not seen this, Well you can't call yourself a sci fi fan! 10 of 10 A must see

Posted by macdaddyluigi

Then you must of not understood the ending if you thought it was shitty... James Cole saved humanity...

Posted by arwen44

Super movie! One of Pitts' best roles. He played the part excellently!! Lots of action and a great plot. One of the best movies I've seen.

Posted by Alexcia8808

Freaking awesome movie and Britt was a crazysexycool nut so that a plus plus plus!!!! It's on my playlist of weirdness :D 10/10

Posted by Zenspider

Great movie this. Big Terry Gilliam fan and this is one of his best.

Posted by jhrjam

Excellent movie, Bruce Willis great as always and Brad Pitt played a perfect lunatic. Time travel to save the world, seen this multiple times and I am sure will again.

Posted by sambob73

one of my all time favs this movie is the dogs !! if you aint seen it Why not ?? lol 20/10

Posted by captaintopbollox

Anyone bored? Watching this right now and it is an incredible feat of imagination and film making. Captivating from the opening scene and unfolding into an almost realistic realm of things to come. Well I hope not anyway! Enjoy fellow members of this site...........

Posted by 90smovielover

Brad pitt played his character beautifully and Bruce Willis was awsome and the lady from revenge i didn't know she had such a good resume. but i dont know for some reason i didn't like the movie, i dont know why its just not my cup of tea. It had great actors but i didn't find it interesting. But everyone should give this movie a chance, you might like it. Its still a good storyline just not the type of plot that i would like or watch over again. 8/10

Posted by Pirategirl

Good apocalyptic movie with Bruce Willis and crazy Brad Pitt. I liked it, a bit long, and had to figure it out, and the buffering, oh my, the buffering, but watch it, it was good.

Posted by chanelicia

Unbelievable sci-fi film, just fantastic.

Posted by grrrrrrrrr

Still love this movie, I remember when it came out on VHS. Brad Pitt is so awesome in this!!! 5/5 definitely worth a watch, or 2.

Posted by Epiphany84

A must see for any Sci Fi Fan! I've watched this movie many times and it remains one of my all-time faves!

Posted by spider6969

This was a great film and Bruce willis's finest performance yet, Up there with Die hard. Great cast, Great plot and superb direction. 10/10

Posted by Perspari

i felt lost at a few points but wow it f*****d with your mind

Posted by dper98

what a shitty ending, good movie, shitty ending

Posted by judasx

Whats great about this movie is it's sequel. All you have to do is click "Replay".

Posted by GooboyAllstar

Good movie. Worth a watch in my opinion. 7/10

Posted by bootlegwillie

4/5 Good movie! Makes you think! Back in 1995 I wouldnt have understood it but theres a message in movies like these only some people get and others just watched a weird movie with good acting!

Posted by MilenaNena

Good SCI-fi movie. I love the story, the drama and the intensity. And of course - great acting performances.

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