America's Next Top Model: A cyclical competition where women from all over the U.S. compete for the honor of being America's next "it girl" in the modeling world.

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Released: May 20, 2003
Runtime: 42 mins
Genres: Reality-TV Game-Show
Actors: Dania Ramirez, Tyler Perry, Analeigh Tipton, Tyra Banks

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America's Next Top Model (2003) Comments

Posted by panda_lover

I'm not liking Bianca's attitude! She needs to change it fast, she's not going to stay in the competition for long if she has that kind of personality. But, what surprised me is the double elimination! I kinda liked the girl who was eliminated first at the challenge. I mean she's quirky, but I like the way she is. And I was happy when Super Smize (A.K.A Tyra) came to the rescue! Saved the day with her awesome powers of fierceness smizing!!! *Claps* Hehe... Plus, I loved the photo shoot! I'm happy with no one complained about nudity! And I (once again) loved Ms. J's sleeves! So creative!

Posted by melowcat

i cried when she was sent home.. she's one of my fave shes great and have a gorgeous photo week by week.. but Laura will definitely gonna win.

Posted by pufferette

i think the wrong girl went home

Posted by geishas

the wrong person has been eliminted

Posted by Ferinsh

Over the moon with that result. I actually cried a little bit when she won haha. I've never liked any finalists as much as I liked these too.

Posted by daivee

Looks to be a good one, 2 awkward girls? YES.

Posted by Ferinsh

Felt so sorry for Sophie in that photoshoot. I actually started crying because I felt her fear haha. Very happy with who went home in this one! Sophie to win =)

Posted by YourBestie15

She was too shy and confused to keep on going. Great show!

Posted by panda_lover

I love how they make they're own outfits!

Posted by panda_lover

Laura has a good personality but she was really funny in this episode! Left me laughing. I also think that every season they are criticizing every little detail. It's getting to the point where its getting crazy. And I was surprised when made it by one minute! That was close. Plus, When they said, ''Victoria Secret'', I said, ''Um.. No.'' Then at the photo shoot was, I said, ''Way off guard.'' (Also, I liked the photo shoot, it seemed very creative.) Okay, I am not the only one who thinks this, Kara is jealous. Not only that but it's getting to her head! She should focus more. And I knew who would be sent home and would win best photo!

Posted by heidiiii

I don't really know why did this girl win : The other girl deserved it more !

Posted by nasa_kaan

Sophie was awesum so glad a Brit won, I mean both finalist were great !!

Posted by MissAyla

I agree with the judges decision. I'm so glad that she won!

Posted by panda_lover

I don't agree with who went home.

Posted by SimplySchaun

Isis, baby!!!!!

Posted by zace

wooohooo come on brits rock it out ;)

Posted by panda_lover

They have arrived and it's hilarious, chaotic, but hilarious! They heard her speak in whatever language that was, and they were like, ''Huh?'' Though the race for the house made me lol. ''The subways are different in New York!'' And when they were running, one of them must be like, ''RUN, RUN FOR EXTRA FRAMES!'' And yes I rofl-ed. :D When they get to the house, ''You guys can watch it on replay!'' XD Plus at judging, HAHA! It surprised me and made me laugh when he was pantless! XD All in all, that was one of the girls that I loved, and it was sad to see her go home. :'(

Posted by panda_lover

I agree with who went home.

Posted by The_Jackal

Head was too far up her a$$! I'm glad she's gone and... I need EYES to win this competition!!

Posted by panda_lover

Don't take credit that's just low. + Natasha did awesome in the photo shoot. She made me laugh. LOL! Jaslene don't use that guitar. XD "Umm... Bob." XD LOL!!! That made me ROTFL!!

Posted by MissAyla

What a wonderful opportunity to work with animals and visit such a culturally diverse country.

Posted by panda_lover

I love how they have to dress for each designer's style in the go-see.

Posted by heidiiii

I really wanted her to win from the very first beginning ... So proud of you girl. You are beautiful.

Posted by MissAyla

That poor girl - she did really well considering her circumstances.

Posted by nasa_kaan

Ace episode I wonder whom will be the finalist !!!

Posted by ouch110

My favourite has gone...(no spoiler). I'm british from London but was rooting for an american girl. I just don't think many of the girls in this cycle are interesting enough. :( I'm rooting for Sophie now. :)

Posted by panda_lover

I loved the photo shoot!

Posted by panda_lover

"I'll wake up for like, a dollar." HAHA! XD

Posted by asiakeu

next episeode its air on 19/10

Posted by MissAyla

I love how Tyra defends the plus size models on this show, she isn't a stick in the mud like some of the other judges, she believes in change.

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