Bad Girls Club: A group of rebellious women are put in a house together in an experiment intended to moderate their behavior.

  • Currently 4.10/10
(1491 votes)
Released: December 05, 2006
Runtime: 44 mins
Genres: Reality-TV
Actors: Ricky J., Allison Hagendorf, Ashley Weaver, JoAnna

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Bad Girls Club (2006) Comments

Posted by dswain3

I can c this being a good season already :)

Posted by damlosh87

crazy.. but entertaining

Posted by GoldPeach

Of course the only Trash they could find to host this show is Perez.

Posted by Fxtina

Weak sauce! I don't want to spoil it for everyone but she will forever be known as the girl who cried for her mommy and then do what she did. Really frustrating. Such a shame

Posted by ouch110

Aleia....such a coward. How can she be seeing two guys and then sit there and say..."Why me?, of all the people..why me? this is so hard." must be really hard to have a guy that cares about you and be snogging another guy you're attracted to. Hard life Aleia. Grow up you silly bint! lmao!

Posted by mrskey

the twins are some punks.. they bout to get their butt beat. cant wait till the nezt show

Posted by frogman88

Yeah, but that guy all over that Nancy when he saw the warm fuzzies being offered. Alicia even agreed that was how he was. Funny stuff. I'd like to see Valentina get all her front teeth knocked out. That would be some good entertainment if we want to see some good fighting.

Posted by bellamenteunica

your weave is whack and you're whack lol. A house full of 20 somethings and they sound like 16 year olds. Way to make yourself look good on television lol.

Posted by electra7406

now thats how you start a season off yeah10/10

Posted by versebtm

This is one of the few times, I am at a complete loss of words. Stashi, WTF? Is all I can say!

Posted by shanaynay24

It's gettin' real hot up in the bad girls house......

Posted by tifeem

Gia was a real bitch in this..i actually liked her till she did this reunion show. 1 She looked horrible with all that makeup and that hair ! I think Mimi really cleaned up nice n Camila but wats with erbodi and Elease ? & the weak ass twins just tryna make themselves important

Posted by simone246

This season BADDDDDDYYYYY!!!!!!

Posted by Missaonetwo

everytime I watch an episode I think this should be called the Whack girls house not bad girls. I can't wait until the reunion so Julie can get her a** beat cuz it looks like most of thses girls are too stupid to do anything! Fallon with her big mouth always talkin and can't fight Rima and her pet dog Ashley (I think that's her name) are just followers any way Julie could spit in their food and they'd forgive her. This has to be the worst season ever!!!!! These girls are losers!!!

Posted by Seby_Mizuki

No, cause if I was mad I'd continuously be sending you private messages in which I'm not. But you are. I will not type towards someone who is just now watching the BGC Season. Cause "Hunti" was apart of Erika's S9 "Right Here Hunti Cunti" Dance c;

Posted by iiEntice

ikr! ♥_♥

Posted by versebtm

It is extremely difficult to make sense of season 8, either the directing, acting or producing is lacking, or Bad Girls Club has just run its course. It is so inconsistent and the trouble is so pushed and planned it seems like a Bad Girls Club on steroids and hard drugs. The new girl is in for a very unnecessary stay. The pool party had a few nice surprises, but other than that so far this season is a mess. But still alot of fun to watch

Posted by dswain3

Only 2 ppl i like is sydney and ashley..and i dunno y but im sort of starting 2 like nikki more :/

Posted by differentone

Alicia and valentina are real life lesbian lovers which is why they act so dramatic about each other..Aaaaaaaand what Alicia said on the phone about how she felt in the house and being b*tch you and your girlfriend have been picking on Shanrock since day one but they still managed to have fun along the way. I know sometimes the producers over-edit and play things out pick out "bad guys" so even if shanrock weren't the targets sure enough there would be a victim and object of bullying which is wrong and I disagree with but Jumptina got away with it and the producers never had one word to say to her about it. And Its sad how none of the other girls really gave Shannon and Rocky a chance. I admire Rocky's toughness and ability to stand on her own and they stuck together even though it was just the two of them. It's so phony suddenly hanging round with someone on the last day of an experience after weeks of not even giving them the time or day and giving it to bipolar b*tches instead. KMT@ stephanie and Paula why wait till the last day?? You couldn't be friends with Shannon or rocky all this time?Paula tries to be the role model and say how it's wrong to fight but she pretty much followed the bullies. Stephanie says she's non violent but she didn't say anything or do anything to stop it. Nancy was a latecomer so it doesn't even matter..The worst she did was her,"why u laafin at me" stunt. LMBO

Posted by JlovesM557

i agree, leave rima alone. julie is just insecure and shallow.

Posted by Seby_Mizuki

Oh my God. Finally they showed us. The quiet before the fricken storm. Nancy, I think you're right to question Valicia's motives because they're using you to have a valid reason to go after Shanrock and it's not Valid. Phancy finally did it. It was kinda ironic it was like Julie and Falen but *Shrugs.* Valicia whatever you do to Shanrock they do to you 10 times harder. Paula and Stephanie maybe on the sidelines but all they want to do is party and bullsh*t and try to keep the drama from over flowing. I can't wait for next weeks episode. It's going to be so tension filled. An Eye-Popping Thriller. I can't wait. (Sideline Comment: Why is someone pushing down the comments to 50% useless as if they really said something so bad that nobody would agree on it?)

Posted by sexydesje

I luv jessica and i loved ashley but she's gone boohoo,

Posted by Seby_Mizuki

TEAM RIMA all day everyday. F*ck Mehgan !

Posted by EsmaBouchiba

can somebody upload gorillavid?

Posted by ouch110

All of these girls are just annoying. Danielle was very sweet. Lea is HOT!! But I hope the new girls knock them off the top spot. Ok..on to the next episode. :)

Posted by cremebabee

wow the badest bitch there was Camilla she was there less than a week and stood her ground!!!!

Posted by frogman88

Georgia simple battery laws do not play games. When Valentina gets in somebody's face like that and screams the way she does, she risks being put in jail in Georgia every time. Bail is $1500 or more. The state of Georgia has made it clear, those who insist on behaving like animals are put into a cage.

Posted by DrDowe2002

GOT DAM!!! Shelly got knocked da F*** OUT LMFAO!!!!!

Posted by ouch110

Ok so just watched this first episode of season 6. So far seasons four and five have been my favourite. This one looks promising already. This show is a pure guilty pleasure and makes me realise how nice my friends are haha! Jade didn't last long...C YA! Want to see Nikki get her comeuppance. Bring it on!

Posted by nightdove11

OMFG. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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