Now You See Me: Four magicians each answer a mysterious summons to an obscure address with secrets inside. A year later, they are the Four Horseman, big time stage illusionists who climax their sold out Las Vegas show with a bank apparently robbed for real. This puts agents Dylan Rhodes of the FBI and Alma Vargas of Interpol on the case to find out how they did it. However, this mystery proves difficult to solve even with the insights of the professional illusion exposer, Thaddeus Bradley. What follows is a bizarre investigation where nothing is what it seems with illusions, dark secrets and hidden agendas galore as all involved are reminded of a great truth in this puzzle: the closer you, the less you see.

Year Released: 2013
Runtime: 115 mins

Genres: Thriller Crime
Actors: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson

  • Currently 7.40/10
(9773 votes)

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  • Currently 5.00/5
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Version 2 1481 views
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Now You See Me (2013) Comments

Posted by pspgos

why wont it work

Posted by Prisoner627

This may be the best movie ever filmed in the history of films!I just have to give it a full 10!I've never rated any movie 10 and my max was only 8 but this, it certainly qualifies for 10! 10/10

Posted by katouu

i can not see this movie

Posted by Pympjuice2

The quality of this movie is BAD. The video is blurry/barely watchable. The audio is WORSE.But, the movie looks like it's going to be a good one. Managed to watch 10-15 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. Wait for a better copy. V4 A2

Posted by JonnyFiv5

i guess its watchable if your desperate enough, thank you uploader a:3 v:5

Posted by darkhorse

Twist in the tale

Posted by simonsays1

Amazing, genius, brilliant, must-see, are just a few words that come to mind after watching this movie. The plot was out of this world, the characters were spot on, the effects were spectacular, and oh the plot twists. If there is any movie you see this summer, make sure it is this one. 5/5

Posted by rtpike222

i dont like video quality but i think its a great movie..i will wait for better copy to come around

Posted by fugzou

high quality is bad fuck

Posted by ced89

i really enjoyed this movie, cant wait for a better quality, but it is bootleg so why complain

Posted by gashousegang

42 and 43 are not dvd quality

Posted by mo_khan

After watching the trailer i put this movie in my favorites already.... waiting anxiously for the better copy... its not in my country's cinemas yet, so unluckily i have to wait ... wait... wait... why is it taking too longggg.......

Posted by obeyvanessa16

Why Cant i see it?

Posted by dadsfavor8

so blurry i can't watch it.

Posted by Vapor

there is a new cam version out by the group murders not the best but better then this version

Posted by battlestar

This is NOT a TS copy..very very very very BAD...I really like this site...BUT DO NOT waste your CAN NOT watch it copy as is.. You will make your eyes have trouble watching it this way..wait for a REAL TS or DVD copy..ALL copies are crap..not of june 14 2013 1:35 am...your welcome I have saved you alot of trouble and time.

Posted by battlestar

bad copies..can not watch

Posted by diamond120

AMAZING MOVIE!!!! I've seen this movie like 5 times already. I love love love love it. One of the best movies ever made. I honestly don't understand why it came in 3rd in the box offices over the weekend.

Posted by resa

thank you putlocker for putting on now you see me, without needing to download it. i miss you and sockshare.the movie was great and i watched it with a big bowl of carmel popcorn!

Posted by lucifer666

this is a very good movie...well orchestrated and planned out... and then there is a twist at the end... genius.... 10/10

Posted by GloHystericusMinx

Exciting movie, I was totally enthralled by the magic tricks and plot surprises. Not a lot of in depth characterisation...but it is one of those non-stop plot changers that keeps you guessing. Bit disappointed by the revelation of who was behind the four, it was like the writer just chucked it in there to conclude the story with a satisfying ending for its audience. But 7/10 from me. Thank you Let Me Watch this.

Posted by chupachop

i so wanna see this movie... where can i get a good copy??? help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Rakaikrar

This is a very good movie, the best of this year I think,, I've watched it 4 times, it's 10/10

Posted by andreweck

pardon if it's just the poor audio, but i thought they said Four Hoaxmen which i thought sounded cool and a good pun, but..

Posted by mememe23

If you no your copy is really crap why put it on here.I would rather watch my washing machine go round you can see the colours in it better than in this film so if your thinking about watching this copy dont bother

Posted by jballaviator

can't believe i had to surrender my soul to type a comment. you drive a hard bargain. to bad i allready sold it for some taco bell years ago.

Posted by oskawild22

WOW! What an AMAZING film!! Loved it from start to finish and is the best fiml ever made in my opinion! 10/20

Posted by CatyCrisis

After 25 minutes it turned fucking FRENCH on me! What the fuck is this shit?!?

Posted by LiFeWiThNoRuLeZ

i figured it would be better then what is was

Posted by theworldmostwatch

The best movie Ever...this movie can beat avenger anytime !0/!0

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